What If Matt Drudge Accidentally Told the Truth? (#5)

One-Scoop Wonder Matt Drudge just can’t resist an opportunity to relive the glory days of stained blue dresses and impeachment hearings, even if it means posting a 5-alarm headline link to a story so weak, the headline vanished before I finished this post.

Here’s the original “stop-the-presses” bulletin, which is now a one-line link in Column 2, replaced up-top by a 6-hour-old quote from Muammar Gaddafi (and updated since with yet another Gaddafi story).

And here’s the “exclusive” NewsMax interview in which Gingrich gymnastically avoids saying anything at all about impeachment, no matter how many times NewsMax moustache-model Ashley Martella tries to bait him into it.

If there’s anything at all noteworthy about this clip, it’s the part where Newt proposes that Congress should retaliate against the Administration’s decision to concede certain challenges to DOMA’s constitutionality by defunding the US Attorney General’s Office (1:23), which would actually make it impossible to defend DOMA in court. Way to think “outside the box,” Newt! (And bonus points for citing Reagan’s illegal funding of the Nicaraguan Contras as an example of Executive Branch criminality.)

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Newt was eerily silent on the other 13 times the DOJ refused to defend a federal law. Why wasn’t it tyranny when aforementioned illegal-arms-trader Reagan allowed his DoJ to stand down from enforcing an immigration statute that everyone, including the the INS, disliked? Or when G.W. Bush did it (that might have been about the only thing Bush did that wasn’t an impeachable offense)?

Newt needs to be eerily silent all the damn time.

It just occurred to me. The four GOPers I hear about the most are:

1. A guy who thought Sarah Palin would make a good vice president.
2. A guy who cries at the drop of a tanning bed lid.
3. A guy who believes marriage vows are sacred until he wants to fuck someone else.
4. A corpse.

There’s something wrong with those people.

4. A corpse.

HTP,are you talking about Reagan or Cantor here?

Comment by JasonM on 02/26/11 at 10:04 AM

“The four GOPers I hear about the most are:”

Thanks, HTP. I laughed so hard, I just pulled my seventh intercostal. Plus scaring the cats into hiding for several months, most likely.

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