What if they gave an availability and nobody came?

Palin’s Folly, i.e., failed senate candidate Joe Miller, ends 2010 and punctuates his humiliating slide into irrelevance with a press conference tomorrow, at which he’s supposed to announce whether or not he’ll continue his quixotic bid to invalidate the reelection of the now-certified winner of the senate seat, Lisa Murkowski.


Or maybe he’ll just announce his availability as a Gillette razors or Axe body spray spokesman. [sad trombone]

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Considering thinning sea ice, there’s prolly a few polar bears positively contemplating the word ‘availability’ in proximity with the name ‘Mr Miller’. May leave a bad taste, but protein’s protein - just sayin’

What! So a Tea Party candidate turned out to be an ignorant blowhard with no conception of the way the world really works and a sore loser streak that covers all parts of his body not covered by stubble and ingrown hairs?

Whelp, that’s just staggering! What’s next, lunatics hijacking Toys for Tots?

He’s doing it rong.

You’re supposed to talk to the press during your campaign, not just at the end. (And having your goon loons handcuff them and detain them illegally doesn’t usually count as an “availability.”)

Hee, I’d forgotten that, YAFB—thank heaven there are people here with functioning memories!

“Hello lamestream media?


I’d like to talk….pick up. I know you’re listening….I’m sorry I tried to, you know, get rough….C’MON, don’t BE this way!...I’M SORRY I CALLED YOU LAMESTREAM, OK?”

Hey Joe,
Where ya goin’ with that antler in your hand?

Sorry, still at work, gettin’ giddy.

Yeah, because the media really wants to work at 6 pm ET on New Year’s Eve to hear what an already-forgotten loser has to say.  Dude, you’re not Tiger Williams.  You’re not even Esther Williams.

That was probably funnier in my head that it came out in type. Doh!

Tiger Woods and James Woods? he offered meekly.

I thought it was hilarious.

At least Esther Williams brought us Lycra. If Joe’s done anything that useful, I sure haven’t heard about it.

December 31, 2011: Joe Miller to Hold Press Conference and Availability to Let You Throw Stuff at Him For Money.

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