What in the World were these People Thinking?

Or maybe I should say *thinking* because coherent thought processes don’t seem to have been part of the picture.

First we have the Heenes aka The Balloon Family:


Most of you will remember that they staged an elaborate hoax in which they claimed that their youngest son was trapped in a compartment attached to a large balloon which was “accidentally” set loose.  After hours of chasing the balloon across the plains, rescuers watched as it finally landed and then discovered - no boy inside!  The boy, according to his parents, had been hiding in the attic.  Unfortunately for them the kid has a truthful streak and blurted out on national teevee that he thought the whole thing was “for a show”.  This was not the first clue that a hoax was involved.  For one thing Richard Heene called Channel 9 before he called 911.  On November 13 Richard and Mayumi Heene pled guilty to felony and misdemeanor charges respectively.

What was the point of all this?  To get on a reality TV show.

Now, only a few weeks later, up come the Salahis:


The Salahis managed to lie their way into the White House state dinner that was held in honor of the Prime Minister of India and his wife the other night.  After apparently being turned away in their vehicle, they re-grouped and tried again at the pedestrian entrance.  This time they were successful and managed to be photographed with VP Joe Biden and COS Rahm Emmanuel.  And, as the picture clearly shows, they actually shook hands with the Pres. in the reception line.

Naturally the Secret Service is hugely embarrassed and criminal charges will almost certainly be filed against the couple.

And what was the point of all this?  To get on a reality TV show.

Really?  Really?  Being on the teevees is so very important to these people that they are willing to risk criminal prosecution and felony convictions to achieve their goals?  Or maybe my first conclusion was correct.  *Thinking* just didn’t enter into it at all.

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The sad answer is that, Yes, people WILL do anything to get their 15 minutes of fame on TV. And even sadder is that millions of people will idolize them!

And in both cases, stupid AND dangerous. They don’t stop for a moment to consider the bigger picture, like someone being injured while trying to rescue their missing child, or the off-chance that a Secret Service agent might react improperly to a couple crashing a political event. These people are very immature and also very selfish. The sad part is, they’ll get more attention than they deserve and will probably make some money/gain publicity for what they’ve done.

There are stupid people everywhere.

What donnah said.  In a sane world, they’d be shunned for being attention whores.  In reality, news networks and entertainment shows are falling head over feet for interviews in their pursuit of the bottom of the barrel.

I don’t know what they will charge them with but I hope they throw the book at them. Showing that you can get that close to the President might just motivate the crazies.

Well, if the reality show they had in mind involved being monitored by the the CIA for the rest of their lives ... wish granted!

I don’t know what they will charge them with but I hope they throw the book at them. Showing that you can get that close to the President might just motivate the crazies.

Comment by justlen on 11/28/09 at 02:58 PM

Hey, it looks like at least one crazy is motivated - at least to suggest the possibility (emphasis mine):

DancesWithPumas 11.28.09 at 7:32 am

They should give that couple an award for opening the eyes of taxpayers, how many billions in homeland security have we forked over while some couple just saunters into a US State dinner?
Take notice of just how easy it is, terrorists.

This angry, crazy old woman will continue to wish for the worst for this President and anyone around him and then wonder why we speak out.

One of the crazy things about this is that although Bravo should dump this conniving couple now (they are currently under consideration by Bravo for Real Housewives of Washington, DC, with some parties this couple recently hosted having been filmed already) you know they probably really want to hire them.  Think of the ratings!

I don’t know what they will charge them with

They lied to the Secret Service to gain access to a closed function.  That is a crime, probably a felony although possibly just a misdemeanor.

I don’t know what they will charge them with

Start with “Pissing off the Secret Service,” and work your way up from there.

I would think, being a rational person, that pissing off the secret service is a really, really, bad thing to do, cause you know those people with the ear pieces and nice suits have absolutely NO sense of humor. I would think that pissing them off is the LAST thing you would want to do.  JMHO.

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