What kind of Heartless Jackasses are they? No. Really. What kind?

So, regarding the ACA, we all know the Republicans are mostly agin’ it. They whooped. They hollered. They spread disinfo. They tried to repeal it something like 40 times, now. And you know what? They’re still losing. But it doesn’t stop them trying. Just recently, FreedomWorks, one of the big mahoff Tea Party groups, decided it would be brilliant to encourage young people to just abstain from getting any health insurance, in defiance of the mandate, on the grounds that the premiums would be more onerous than any penalties (you know, except for the whole being uninsured and needing healthcare thing, which is pretty pricey). And Heritage’s very own Jim DeMint was just saying how emergency rooms were fine and dandy health care, never you mind how the whole idea of “emergency care” is that it’s the kind of care you get when something very wrong is happening to you.  Oh, and it’s the most expensive kind, and if patients can’t pay, the costs are, well, socialized.

But emergency rooms are required to treat patients who need care. Unless, for some reason, that changes. Here’s VA Gubernatorial hopeful Ken Cuccinelli with his speculations:

Human beings will just have to adjust to not getting health care, sometimes. Oh, they might need it. They might have been told it was noble to forgo health insurance by one set of jackasses, and then told there’s always emergency rooms by another set of jackasses. But did they ever suspect that behind hospital curtain number three was a grinning clown offering a faceful of cold seltzer asking them to “adjust”?

Huh. How do you like that?

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You actually left out the best part. Speaking of the young and uninsured (Starts around 1:43):

They’ve made a financial decision to take a chance on something catastrophic happening versus the cost of health insurance.

So, assuming he’s being sincere, Cuccinelli believes that all twentysomethings - including the many who are unemployed or working for minimum wage - have the money to purchase private health insurance and choose not to. Presumably, we’re all spending too much money on video games and whiskey.

That right there illustrates the fallacy at the heart of fiscal conservatism - it assumes a level playing field, where everyone starts with enough resources to attempt whatever they want. They can acknowledge that some people (the rich) have more than that baseline level of resources, but not that anyone has less. If you think about it, this explains so much of what they believe, as well as what they have to believe to keep it all together.

I’d also advise paying attention around the two minute mark to hear Cuccinelli’s trickle down theory of medicine. Apparently, if we give tons of money to the already rich, they’ll fix everything through magic (sorry, “technology”). There’s just so much to unpack in this short little clip, I could probably fill the whole comment section.

Apparently, if we give tons of money to the already rich, they’ll fix everything through magic (sorry, “technology”).

That’s right up there with Mike Huckabee saying “Hey kids, let’s put on a showcure cancer!

The fact that these bozos are advising people to just not buy health insurance on the exchanges because OBAMA! is infuriating.  I’m betting not too many will take that advice though.  The people I know who do not have coverage through their work and can’t get an individual policy due to so-called pre-existing conditions are, right this minute, checking out the state website to find out how they sign up for a policy.  One of them being my son who is now too old to be on my policy, works in the restaurant business (therefore no benefits) and had hernia surgery in high school (so pre-existing condition).  Under the exchanges, and with some help he gets from the subsidy, his insurance will be too cheap NOT to do it.

@Vixen - when I first read that I thought it was from The Onion but, no, that really is his idea.  I mean, curing cancer should be EASY, right?  Just got to throw enough $$$ at it.  And nobody ever gets sick and disabled or dies from anything else, at least that’s what I’ve heard.


Their flailing; it is desperate.

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