What The Republican Party Looks Like Without A Charismatic Front Man And A Boatload Of Sequins

Who knew that two years ago I’d shoot myself in the head, go blind, rack up a two-million dollar hospital bill, suffer the non-fatal effects of cold-turkey withdrawal from cigarettes and alcohol, die a half-dozen or so non-clinical forms of clinical death, and resurrect myself months later in a world where Sarah Palin wasn’t even running for magistrate of the sanitation division, and the GOP had just placed all of its mismatched irreplaceable sulphur-stenched eggs in Mitt Romney’s spectacularly ill-woven basket.

What can I tell you? Time flies when you’re dead.

Here’s what else I can tell you: God bless the Pips for taking up the gauntlet of being fired by Gladys Knight with a stunning medley of And The Pips top 40 hits, entirely driven by toasty harmonies and occasional woo-woo! sounds, and unencumbered by the usual, predictable, elevator-worthy one-mike stand. This was a memorable moment from Richard Pryor’s summer TV variety series in the late 1970s.

Given the fact that I don’t remember 90% of what happened last week, the fact that I thought to include it in this post is testimony to Pryor’s uneraseable presence in American minds.

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A world that still has Strange and has less and less Palin is okay by me.

Although the bit was kind of a lark, the Pips’ Knightless performance does show off just what a tight back-up group contributes. It was cool.

What Vixen said.

Are you still off the butts, Strange? I’ve been quit six months now. Hardest thing I’ve ever done. But given all you were dealing with, kicking nicotine was probably the least of it!

Glad you are still here, Strange.  Still kicking ass and taking names? I call that a win.


Good to be surrounded by all of my wonderful, electrical friends again!

@Betty: Yeah, thanks for the good wishes. It’s hard to kick ass when you’re being held prisoner in a group home with no exit. Also, it just occurred to me yesterday that I’ve been suffering from the normal effects of cold-turkey withdrawal from butts and booze ever since I opened my eyes here. I’d like to say I’ve walked away from my bad habits with no residual desires or regrets, but if I had a ten dollar bill in my hand instead of a two million dollar hospital bill, I’d be asking for a shot glass and matches in two ticks. But do yourself a favor and don’t take me as a leader or exemplar; just buck up and control those urges, gal. You’ll have a whole different life with money you never realized you earned.

much nostalgia lately for 70s teevee when Liberals ran amok.  Barney Miller…also,too.

So glad you’re back, Strange.

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