What Wesley Clark Really Said About John McCain

Jed speaks (literally), you listen (and watch):

Sorry for the lack of blogging today, but having a crazy, busy day.

Yes, crazy and busy.  Plus now my nutty but utterly spectacular wife Chris, who came home raving about what a dickhead Bob Schieffer was on Sunday and inspired this post, still wants to b-b-q right after the skies opened up and dropped three tons o’ water into our garden. It’s tough being me.

MORE: Chris would like me to point out that she’s right about Bob Schieffer and barbecuing. She has also asked me to take her off my mailing list.

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It’s pretty well known that Bob Schieffer is buddy buddy with George H.W. Bush.  I believe they golf together.  So it’s not exactly surprising that he’d put the kid gloves on for McCain but take ‘em off for Obama and his surrogates.


I think my favourite moment is the “astounded, mask slip, revealing Schieffer retort”, of “REALLY?!” when General Wes Clark makes the initial getting shot down answer to “But Barack Obama isn’t heroic in wars and stuff.”

This whole thing, the ridiculous hysterical right wing response (swiftboaters? You want to go THERE? REALLY?!), the media bake sale (You know there were hearings on Torture yesterday don’t you?!) and Barack Obama’s distancing himself i think pretty pathetically has actually made me incredibly angry today.


I wasn’t happy with Obama’s statement either, but someone somewhere pointed out it could have been an agreed upon good cop/bad cop routine that Clark signed off on. Not sure. If it turns out the Obama camp didn’t run it by Clark first, then I’ll get pretty miffed. Until then I’ll just write it off as stupid political gesturing.

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