Where Are They Now? #325: Orly Taitz

With Mrs. Polly currently on leave (soon to return rested and reinvigorated, we hope), we’ve been somewhat neglectful of the adventures of everybody’s favorite nitrous-huffing polymath, the lost Gabor sister.

Let me rectify that right now with this current ad from Orly’s Spetsnaz mission to finagle a seat in the California US Senate.

CLICK to marvel then fiddle with your volume control at the voiceover recorded by Darth Vader’s Aunt Bessie through a gimp mask on one of Edison’s original cylinders.
STAY for the Pythonic TA-DAAAA typeface incident that heralds the triumphal entrance of The World’s Most Snarkworthy Dentist/Mail-Order JP/Bunny Boiler Extraordinaire/State Senatorial Candidate.
SNORK into your morning coffee at winning lines such as “She’s like the Energizer Bunny on steroids.”
SPILL said coffee all over yourself and suffer a violent coughing fit at the Gilliamesque cameo from Dianne Feinstein.
SPILL SOME MORE at the spectacle of Orly’s lushly lash-lined peepers peering dementedly out of a niqab of armor because Joan of Arc was batshit too, that’s why.
CHECK YOUR WATCH to confirm, yes, it’s only four minutes long, though it seems like an ice age.
CHUCKLE postcoitally at the Youtube comments.
And ... DONE. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.

Those who want to know what the heck else Orly’s been up to can check out Patrick’s masterly stream-of-consciousness compendium of updates at Bad Fiction.

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That video is atrocious!

It reminds me of the first document I produced after I discovered Windows had a whole shitload of fonts to choose from. I chose most of them plus several colors and special effects too. It was a sight to behold.

No way am I watching that vid, but I have to golf clap for the post, YAFB. Brilliant.

Darth Vader’s Aunt Bessie w/ gimp mask, hee hee

That was freaking hilarious!  And I agree with Xecky the Darth Vader via gimp mask voice over was perfect!

I just looked at my vote-by-mail ballot a couple of days ago and noticed her name on it.

After initially wondering “my god, how is she still allowed to roam the planet unsupervised, much less run for office?” I then started thinking about voting for her.

Sooooo tempting. I love a good sideshow.

Plus, she’s running against Feinstein.

My personal favourite bit is the voiceover saying ‘highest tax rate in the nation’, and then zooming in on the huge ‘#2’ on the map of California.

My favorite part is the constant, barely audible tone playing under the whole video. Makes me nostalgic for the first year of YouTube, when a combination of low-quality equipment, recording software, and all-around low standards made every vlogger impossible to hear. I’m glad that there’s a candidate willing to stand up for retro enthusiasts.

Seriously, though, you can get a cheap Logitech headset for $15 and Audacity is free to download. What excuse is there for audio quality like that?

Oh, and why didn’t you mention that the user is named “KenyaBornObamAcorn”? That’s the best part!

Urging all Californians to do the right thing! Rock the Vote!!

Ah yes.  The Tracey Fair aka ““KenyaBornObamAcorn” video.

It’s not helped by the fact that Tracey Fair sounds like she’s been smoking asbestos-tipped road flares.

At the bottom of a coal mine

Quicksand - Beats me.  I can’t see why that nitrous huffing twitwaffle is allowed to play with anything sharper than bubble wrap

Happy Birthday, YAFB! Glad to see you’re still on your toes, all political-commentary, ever Orly Taitz-observant. xx

mission to finagle a seat in the California Senate.

Actually she’s trying to finagle a seat in the US Senate.

Oops. Ta, Nellcote. I think I found that too hard to believe, hence misread the background.

My personal favourite bit is the voiceover saying ‘highest tax rate in the nation’, and then zooming in on the huge ‘#2’ on the map of California.

Lucky they didn’t use a current map then, CA ranks 12th as of 1st January this year.

Well, Rebecca, that would be a FACT, and we all know that Orly has at best a tenuous relationship to anything remotely resembling a FACT. 

Happy BD, YAFB!

Did anyone else note the confusion of knowing “deprivation” with “depravation” in this?

‘Ol Orly knows all ‘bout bein’ DEPRAVED!!!

Help me!

I’m actually seeing Orly for Senator signs here in Los Angeles. Sometimes they’re paired with Ron Paul lawn signs, too!

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