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It would be hard not to enjoy TPM’s story of Montana Denny Rehberg, 23rd richest member of congress, who walked into a parcel of trouble by moaning about “struggling like anyone else.”  Anybody else, that is, whose self-reported assets are ” somewhere between $12.2 and $57.5 million”—almost as large a spread as the Rehberg Ranch itself, before Denny started carving it up and selling it off, anyway.

Rehberg’s sympathy for his own struggles doesn’t extend to lesser struggling types who might be likely to give into “the welfare lifestyle,” as he put it, by lazily soaking up federal money in the form of Pell grants. Shame. That money could be put to much better use protecting Montana from the immigration threat posed by the looming presence of Canada and its plaid-clad icebacks. Rehberg’s sympathy for icebacks and other illegal menaces is pretty much nil as well, also too.

His sympathy also doesn’t extend to the firefighters of Billings, against whom he filed a lawsuit for burned trees on ranch land he was intending to develop.

Altogether, you could say Denny Rehberg isn’t a very sympathetic guy.

But perhaps he is deserving of a little fellow feeling: although Denny’s assets far exceed his liabilities on paper, he has one enormous liability: a Tea Party to please.  And ever since Denny was one of only four Republicans to vote against the Paul Ryan budget plan, the Tea Party has not been pleased at all. Rehberg may be a fake-ranching developer bigoted wingnut, but when it comes to Medicare, he isn’t that nutty. And for the Tea Party, insufficient wingnut is a crime worse than cattle rustlin’.

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From the TPM link:

“I’m a small businessman. My wife is a small businessman.”

<scratching record noise>

Okay, that’s probably not going to go down too well with the teabaggers, either.

Please allow me once again to profess my undying love for the Rumproast blog.  Most of my fellow Montanans don’t get to see too much of the reaction to our crazy lawmakers outside of the state.  Thank you, for showing at least me that the insane does not go unnoticed beyond our borders.  ;-)

And, a post from the excellent Pogie that you might amusing:

<a >Top Ten Signs Denny Rehberg is “Struggling” Because of economic Hardship</a>

@Rob Kailey/Wulfgar, is this what you wanted to link?

[Anyone with the keys is welcome to add this link to RK/W’s comment and delete this comment, if ya wanna.]

Comment by meepmeep09 on 05/01/11 at 05:23 PM

Wulfgar/Rob, delighted to have pleased you! I should have mentioned in the post that Denny’s not the first whiny rich Republican trying to scrape along on his millions.

He does seem to have a wee little problem with handling his liquor, also too. Unless he falls off his horse when he’s sober. I should think to a Montanan, it would be more embarrassing to do that than to let everyone think he was drunk.

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