White Men Can’t Harrumph

Halp. I’m white and I’m male and nobody wants me.

Mark Halperin, one of the whitest men in America, wrote the following weird header (accompanied by a stock photo of what I guess is his idea of what a “white man” looks like) to pitch another post that mentions nothing about white men being excluded from consideration to replace Justice Souter:

White Men Need Not Apply

Nobody knows the troubles white men in this country have seen.  Thank god Brave Mark Halperin is around to remind us about it. [via Balloon Juice]

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I’ve been saying it for years: “no one suffers like the white man.”

Saying it for years.

Michelle Obama for the Supreme Court: she hates whitey AND her nomination would drive more than one PUMA to self-immolation.

Yeah, cuz like, Obama hasn’t appointed any white men to any important positions.

<strike>White Men</strike> WATBs Need Not Apply


Compromise: How bout a gay white man?

Problem solved.  Well, at least on paper.

I think Halperin should have qualified his statement ‘White Men need not apply’ with ‘White Heterosexual Men need not apply’. After all gay white men still dont count as wholly white.

Maybe this time, after years of moaning about it, white men can finally use the Affirmative Action laws to highlight the setbacks they have encountered for the past 5 months. who knows it may work!

Put Halperin and Byron York together in a photo shoot. You’d have to turn off the key lights to keep the glare from blinding you.

You know, I don’t approve of random violence. But if a bunch of people from my parent’s generation - you know, the people who grew up worrying they would wind up adorning a tree because their car broke down in the wrong neighborhood or they made eye contact with a white woman or stepped on a white man’s shadow -if they were to beat eleven flavors of hell out Halperin with their canes and walkers, I would not bat an eye.

I dunno, he looks kind of Mexican to me.

Being named after a psych drug is definitely not helpering him.

Truly, it is a sad day for white men.  Does no one care that only eight out of the nine current Supreme Court Justices are white?  And a similar piddling eight out of the nine are men?

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