Who Would Jesus Shoot?


Is it some esoteric law of nature, or something, that all anti-gay uber-bigots wind up looking like my Uncle Bruce the Bachelor?

Meet Austin Ruse, who is one of those insufferable little lumps who believes he is a Great Thinker, Mover and Shaker because some like-minded insufferable little lumps publish his brain farts on their blog.  [Think Breitbart.]

The guy has a BA in journalism from Mizzou, a big mouth and an even bigger ego which he has parlayed into a lifetime free ride as “president” of the non-profit hate group Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (C-FAM), which styles itself a “think tank.” 

Under Ruse’s twisted guidance, C-FAM earned its official designation from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for it’s groundbreaking work in international gay-bashing but is sure to eventually earn its stripes in other categories of hatefulness like misogyny, racism, liberal-baiting, dissolution of the Girl Scouts of America and banning contraception.

Ruse is a vocal disseminator of the Matthew Shepard: Drug Lord theory.  His rambling Matthew Shepard trutherism masterpiece, for Breitbart.com, entitled A Martyr Is A Terrible Thing To Waste, is queerly laced with a little wistful slobbering over Shepard:

. . . he was achingly handsome, tousled blond hair, slight of frame, and delicately chiseled.

Ruse’s latest cry for help involved recommending that all “the hard left, human-hating people that run modern universities” should “all be taken out and shot” because their Women’s Studies courses were turning sweet young coeds into porn stars.

Ruse shared that insight on an American Family Association radio program where he was guest hosting.

RightWingWatch.com objected by publishing the transcript verbatim, whereupon Righteous Ruse accused Right Wing Watch of trying to “silence” him by publishing his sophomoric little tantrum to a much wider audience.

Ruse said that his remarks weren’t serious and, rather inexplicably, suggested that, in order to understand him better:

. . . liberals should turn to Wikipedia or the Internet, I don’t know if they know how to use the Internet.

I did what he suggested but didn’t find anything, readily, on Wikipedia that helped me understand that Ruse was only kidding about hating liberal college professors or wanting to round them all up and shoot them.

But there’s more, so maybe there are further clues, here:

The pajama boys over at Right Wing Watch have their panties all in a twist about what I said, and I sometimes think that the left is really dumb, these are the low-information voters that make all of these mistakes when they get into the ballot box and all of these mistakes as they go through their lives and one of the reasons is because they are so dumb.

Oooooh, the BURN!  Evidently “dumb” is the ultimate put-down on Planet Ruse because when the Twitterati came down on him he spent the rest of the day tweeting how “dumb” and “stupid” liberals are and what “idiots” they are for thinking Ruse is an idiot.

Finally, though, Ruse admitted defeat and, in the grand old tradition of craven cowards everywhere, he closed his Twitter account.

So. That was that . . . and now all that remains is dealing with the fallout and deciding how best to squelch this nasty little piece of work before he brings more attention to the Right’s wet dreams about killing everyone who disagrees with them.

American Family Association, for its part, has disowned Ruse and his comments and promised that he will never again pollute the airwaves via AFA radio.  Now if we could just convince them to get rid of Bryan Fischer, too.

I’d say that the Board of C-FAM needs to do a little soul-searching and, perhaps a little head-hunting, as well, before their loose cannon of a President aborts their mission, which they describe as being:

To defend life and family at international institutions and to publicize the debate.

The C-FAM website goes on to describe “Why We do What We Do:”

As far as the Catholic Church is concerned, the principal focus of her interventions in the public arena is the protection and promotion of the dignity of the person . . .

Which “person” might that be, I wonder.

Speaking of the Catholic Church, which C-FAM professes to represent, @Pontifex seems like the kind of guy who might not thoroughly approve of what these haters in Catholic clothing are getting up to here in America . . . maybe I’ll just shoot him a heads-up tweet.

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Well, disposing of all the hateful leftists is a start, but America will never be truly free until everyone who wears glasses & ties & has curly hair is “taken out & shot” as well. Because everyone who looks like that is turning the young people into ninnies.

So many idiots, so few lightning bolts.

Really?  He went after Matthew Shepard and concocted hateful lies about a poor kid who was beaten and left to freeze to death while tied to a fence in Wyoming?  I can’t even snark about something so awful; what a hateful prick.

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