Why Balloon Juice is one of my favorite blogs

This comment thread (especially this classic rant from John Cole) and this takedown of Politico’s Roger Simon.  And, yeah, I fully agree with John about this. Totally fucking inexcusable.

Posted by Kevin K. on 07/08/09 at 08:37 AM • Permalink

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God, it really is sad to see Daou trot out the “why don’t you people spend time on IMPORTANT human rights issues instead?” line of defense. I just sent a check to Doctors Without Borders—AND I called out a couple folks on blogs for their hypocrisy in defending Sarah Palin while not acknowledging how Palin herself has stood by and let misogyny rule when it served her purposes (Lyda Green). I’ve also run a couple errands, taken the cats to the vet, done some interviews for a feature I’m writing, and set up some shows to review. All in one day!

It’s called “multitasking.” Now, can I be governor of Alaska?

Yeah, that was sad. My instinct’s always to side with the odd man out on a BJ thread (my father was 1/4 concern troll, plus that crowd can get pretty fuckin’ ugly), but that argument truly is the last refuge of a douchebag.

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