Why Didn’t I Listen To Todd When I First Heard This Song Back In 1974?

The world is on fire
Your body doesn’t burn
Kill yourself before receiving
Something out of all this breathing
Don’t you ever learn

“Don’t you ever learn?” is a song about temptation, easy solutions and stupid decisions. Playing it just the other day reminded me yet again that the first 56 years of my life were a long pleasant boulevard through time, lined on either curbside by things that had fallen out of my pockets over the years. Wandering this street at my leisure after living it in real time has yielded many treasures comparable to finding money wedged between two cobblestones or a brand new Portofino cigar still in its tube. I plan to spend a lot of time here from now on, and I intend to equip myself with a pair of high-capacity swag bags to hold all the tips and trinkets and memorabilia that I encounter in my travels. ETW, this is my last self-serving tribute to Todd—at least for today. Some other day, I may feel an urgent need to write my long-delayed master’s thesis on “International Feel,” the kick-ass bookend tune from A Wizard, A True Star.

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I think we are probably fellow Pittsburghers, i.e. contemporaneosly, e.g I actually served Roberto Clemente, as a busboy at a restaurant I worked at in 1967. I now live elsewhere.  I like your stuff and your POV.  Keep on truckin’ bro.

Hey, no need to apologize for tooting Todd’s horn- he deserves greater exposure to the young-uns’.

Todd’s been in touch with the higher world his whole career; what a song writer!

Glad to hear everyone agrees that the Toddster is worth sharing on a coffee table with a razor blade and a twenty-dollar bill. He’s been air-conditioning my brain since 1968 when my big brother brought home the third Nazz album.

@mainmati: Indeed, I’ve been living in Pittsburgh for so long, you could call me a “born-again” steelhead. I don’t remember if I was here when Roberto Clemente was playing, but God bless him for all of his wonderful charitable works. It’s always a shame to have to die, and especially the way he did.

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