Will Palin Endorse Eddie McOwskey in 2012?

I was scanning Snooki’s Facebook page to sample the Sarahverse’s reactions to the Egypt crisis when I came across this intriguing post:

I hadn’t heard of McOwskey before, but his Facebook link led me to a campaign home page, where I discovered that he ran in last year’s hotly-contested race for “Governors of New Jerseys” and is currently a candidate “for every open election in the United States.”

I hope Sarah gets the message. God knows she could use some new best friends and a fresh, engaging, only-modestly-freakish protégé to wick off the stink of Miller, Angle and O’Donnell. And just imagine what fun Eddie could be as an approximate-spelling-accepted write-in challenger to Lisa Murkowski in 2016! 

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He certainly believes in pluralism(s)!

The name coincidence is strange. But are we also dealing with a Separated At Birth here?

Eddie McOwskey

Joe Miller

He certainly believes in pluralism(s)!

I think I detect a little spoofing:

Meet The Candidate
Eddie McOwskey is running for the governors of New Jerseys. Please vote for him. Temping isn’t panning out as he’d like and he could use the job security.


Give me money, Please, folks.

Dear Friends, Citizens, Voters, and Those Unprepared to Fail,

My name is Eddie McOwskey and I’m currently running for New Jersey State Governors, the most fancy job in all of New Jerseys. As you know me, I am an all around good guy (unlike those two bums I’m running against, bald Governor Jon Corzines and puff faced District Attorney Chris Christies). In fact, I can’t think of anyone who’s ever complained about me, except maybe my fifth grade art teachers who politely requested that I stop drawing so many naked pictures of Morgan Fairchilds. Point beings, I should be governors because I got the goods, folks! Those other guys are just nickels and dimes, spare change. Two pigs in a pod.

Because of my utmost belief in myself, I am writing to youse because I need a little help, to the tune of LOTS O’ CASH and/or FREE PUBLICITIES.

Folks, this is it. The home stretch, some day in Novembers (I’m going to have to check my calendar for the specifics on this one), New Jerseys is going to pick it’s next Governors and that person should be me because I used to date cheerleaders in high school, folks. Also, I can scream the loudest, I never stray from circumstance, and I can BALANCE YA TAXES!

More at the link. Much more.

I think I detect a little spoofing:

I believe he’s absolutely sincere about this. Just look at his face.

He’s a lot more sincere, I wager, than Half-Governor Spudnutz.

Screw Egypt. What’s his position on rent? Because the rents are too damn high.

The “Rent’s Too High Guy” loves him some Sarah!

This guy is clearly more qualified than Palin and Christine O’Donnell.

Other than an improv comedy stage gig here and there in the NJ-NYC area, it looks like most of his presence has been online, and in-character as a clueless wannabe candidate for one office or another. Shades of Joe Miller indeed, but without the viciousness.

It’s a shame he couldn’t have hooked up with Sara Benincasa or some other Palin imitator* during Snooki’s early days of glory - he could have played the ambitious but terrified toady to her psycho-wacky Grifter Mama.

*Tina Fey is way outta his league

Comment by meepmeep09 on 01/30/11 at 06:30 PM

This guy is clearly more qualified than Palin and Christine O’Donnell.

But then, so is my cat.

He looks scarily like The Housemartins era Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim).

It’s Happy Hour somewhere.

Comment by de stijl on 01/30/11 at 07:11 PM

McCowskey is following in the grand tradition of third-party NJ gubernatorial candidates, most notably <a >Edward Forchion</a>, also known as NJ Weedman, who heads the Legalize Marijuana Party.

This is Forchion explaining hs candidacy: “The reason I’m running for Governor isn’t because I think I will win, but for the opportunity it gives me (and anyone who votes for me) to give the ‘FINGER’ state-wide to our Demo-publican party politicians who wage their LIE based ‘WAR on US.’”

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