Will Republicans Walk the Party Line on Health Care Next Year?

A week or so ago Greg Sargent speculated that a Democratic strategy in the upcoming elections would be to pin down Republican Congressional candidates on whether or not they supported repealing health care reform (assuming *cough* that it actually *cough* passes by then).

The move represents a gamble on the part of Dems. They are hoping that if and when the now-unpopular proposal passes, the electorate will warm to it, giving Dems an opening to box Republicans in by asking: Do you support a full rollback of the legislation, taking reform gains away from voters, or do you support leaving reforms you opposed in place?

“Republicans on the ballot next November who opposed the bill will be in the precarious position of telling voters they plan to rollback landmark health care reform which will have afforded coverage to hundreds of thousands in their state,” DSCC spokesman Eric Schultz emails.

“We absolutely intend to make Republicans look voters in the eye next November and make it clear they want to take affordable health care reform away from them,” Schultz continues, adding that they intend to press the case that “if it was worth filibustering” to Republicans, then surely it’s “worth repealing.”

(It’s interesting to note that Mitch O’Connell, when asked about this very thing by Jake Tapper on ABC, declined to give a straight answer.)  via

And the Republican response?

It’s remarkable . . .  that Democrat strategists would even be thinking of making this an issue in next year’s election,” NRSC spokesman Brian Walsh retorts.

Maybe that’s because the Grand Old Party of No already have that in mind.

From the HuffPo:

Alex Conant, a former RNC press secretary and an adviser to possible 2012 candidate Tim Pawlenty, said that while Republicans will push their own health care reform agenda in upcoming elections, they also plan to run on a promise to nullify what Democrats are poised to pass.

Conant then goes on to say

As for the repeal, Republicans have a truck full of ideas on how to expand access, improve quality, and lower costs.

Errr, pardon me for minute while I, while I, I, omigod BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!.  Sorry. (wipes eyes)  Well, OK, guess that truck got stuck back in Omaha or something the last several months because we’ve been waiting for all them there ideas but, well, never mind.  (They wouldn’t have anything to do with “state lines” and “tort reform” now would they?  OK, moving along now.)

So, to continue, now King Newt gets into the act proclaiming on Meet the Press, according to The Plum Line, that a line is being drawn in the sand.

On “Meet The Press” this morning, Newt Gingrich praised the Tea Party movement and their response to the push for healthcare reform and told David Gregory, “every Republican in 2010 and 2012 will run on an absolute pledge to repeal this bill. ” (He also added that the GOP cannot be the “Party of No.”)

Saying “No to Healthcare” is not being the “Party of No”?  But again I digress.  OK, I’ll digress further.  Why is Newt Gingrich suddenly the Voice of the Republicans these days, anyway?  Didn’t he get, like, run out on a rail several years ago?  In disgrace?  But now he’s on “Meet the Press” every time you turn around?  I don’t get it.  So, anyway, not only is the Newtster saying Republicans have to make this their core issue but a spokesman from “FreedomWorks”, the organization founded by the loathsome Dick Armey had this to say:

In an interview with me just now, Max Pappas, the Vice President for Public Policy of Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks, said that if the bill passes, politicians should call for a full repeal.

“This has an unusual ability to be repealed, and the public is on that side.” he said. “The Republicans are going to have to prove that they are worthy of their votes.”

This has the potential to become a meme!  And I think I’m liking it.  Prove you’re a true Republican - take health care away from 30,000,000 people!  I do like it!  I guess the true test will be if FDL comes on board with it.

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As I’ve said, they’ll go all out on repeal.  They have no choice.

The Dems’ job is to play offense, sell the plan, and go “OK, sure, the GOP wants to take away health care for millions and bring back being denied for pre-existing conditions.”

Eventually the GOP will cross the Town Hall Blitz line again and the Dems will start making gains…but only if they repeatedly challenge the GOP bullshit line.  If they remain silent, they will lose this battle.

So, who’s this Mitch O’Connell guy?  Wasn’t he the brother that got shoehorned into “Sliders”?

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