Out, damn’d spot! (Part 2)


So it turns out the far-right, Muslin-hatin’ terrorist who murdered scores of innocent kids in Norway not only found philosophic succor from the eliminationist rhetoric spewed on US-based wingnut blogs, he imported high-capacity clips for his guns from the US:

The man who confessed to killing 68 people in Norway last week says he bought the ammunition clips used in his shooting spree from the U.S by mail order.

Anders Behring Breivik wrote in his 1,500-page manifesto that he spent $500 for 10 30-round clips.

Clips with more than three rounds are banned from sale in Norway.

$500? He got ripped off into the bargain! And of course, the wingnut solution is what it always is when a massacre occurs: more guns! God bless America!

Speaking of wingnut bloggers and eliminationist rhetoric, it appears the Atlas Shrugs lady was scrubbing her archives this week to eliminate damning language from an “Email from Norway” she published a couple of years back. Via LGF:

Oslo and the southeast may fall easily, but there are other lines than “state”-borders drawn across this country since long before there was even a single muslim in the world, and we have held them this long, against everyone else too. We are entering a new golden age for my people, and those of a handful other countrys, but only through struggle.

Never fear, Pamela. God is with you too in this coming time.

Geller left that up. Here’s the bit she scrubbed:

We are stockpiling and caching weapons, ammunition and equipment. This is going to happen fast.

Has Geller received a call from the FBI or Interpol yet? Nothing posted on the internet ever really goes away, so Lady MacBeth on the East River scrubs in vain.

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There are two axiomatic mathematical relationships in the Conservatopia:

- As gun availability approaches total, crime approaches zero

- As taxes approach zero, revenues approach infinity

In his love song to right-wing bloggers manifesto/compendium the killer wrote this:

I have now sent an application for a Ruger Mini 14 semi-automatic rifle (5.56). It is the most “army like” rifle allowed in Norway, although it is considered a “poor man’s” AR-15. I envy our European American brothers as the gun laws in Europe sucks ass in comparison.

The Geller Gorgon should look upon the pictures here of her admirer’s handiwork and contemplate these dead adults and children until she becomes human again, which will be a long, long time.

Comment by R. Porrofatto on 07/30/11 at 10:28 AM

Assumes facts not in evidence? I think she’ll keep doubling down the rest of her life, while being applauded by a host of mental institution rejects.

she becomes human again, which will be a long, long time.

Sure, Betty. Let those of you who never wasted a hitchhiker throw the first stone. Guns don’t kill people. Insane people with guns kill people.

Is this snark?  I honestly cannot tell any more.

Yeah, it’s snark…but Poe’s Law is fully operative in kre8tr’s case. ;->

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