Wingnuts on Census Worker Bill Sparkman: Killed by Illegal Immigrants or Because He Was a Pedophile?

The titles speak for themselves…

From WorldNutDaily’s Roger Hedgecock:

Dead Census worker: Victim of open borders?

From Dan Riehl:

Was Census Worker Bill Sparkman A Child Predator?

Both make exceedingly illogical and convoluted arguments to bolster their offal-flecked partisan bottomfeeding (surprise!). Hedgecock focuses blame on those unsavory Mexicans and, yes, the Sierra Club for not only Sparkman’s murder but also the recent California wildfires, while Riehl wonders aloud (because he’s a fucking dick) if Sparkman could have been the victim of a “revenge killing” because he “gravitate[d] toward children” as a teacher and a Boy Scout leader. What’s next?  Will a desperate wingnut blame the murder on one of Obama’s death panels? Or will there be reports from the savvy citizen journalists in the nuttersphere that Maude Hurd was seen in Clay County, KY on the 12th?

If you see examples of more loathsome rightwing speculation about Bill Sparkman’s murder, please drop a link in the comments. I’m guessing the inanity won’t stop with Hedgecock and Riehl.

UPDATE: Good christ, “citizen journalist” Robert Stacy McCain, who approvingly linked to both posts highlighted above, is on his way to Clay County, raiding continental breakfasts along the way and using it as a fundraiser. (p.s. Make note of the second commenter on McCain’s post. Obots everywhere must apologize for ruining her party.)

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Riehl’s post is putrid. Now that he’s getting lots of criticism for it, he’s twittered that it was just a “joke” to fire up the Libs. Because lynching is already a laugh riot, and suggesting that the victim of such a hideous murder is a pedophile on top of that just makes me want to bust a gut laughing.

Riehl is a fuck. He should write from a prison cell.

Dan Riehl, September 2009: 

Was Census Worker Bill Sparkman A Child Predator?

Dan Riehl, December 2005: 

Natalee Holloway Case Marred by Rampant Speculation


(Reposted from the Rumper Room)

Does anyone fancy calling every motel in Fairmont, WV (there can’t be that many) to find out if they serve a free continental breakfast?

Because (a) this below looks like a confession of theft, plus possible other offenses including trespass, and (b) with all these murderers running around, I wouldn’t want to stay in a motel that let any old nut walk in unchallenged and help themselves to whatever they wanted:

FAIRMONT, W.Va.—Stopped here and hopped on the computer in a motel lobby, to file a quick report on my progress en route to Clay County, Ky., and give you an update on the latest headlines surrounding the murder of Bill Sparkman. ...

I can scavenge pretty well when I have to. They serve a free continental breakfast here at this motel, and everybody evidently assumes I’m a guest, even though I just pulled off the I-79 exit and walked in the door. But professional journalism savvy like that will only get me so far . . . hit the tip jar.

OK, a quick trip to the men’s room, refill my coffee and grab another donut from the continental breakfast buffet, and then I’m back on the road.

Right, hit my tip jar while I steal a breakfast from these unsuspecting rubes. Class, that guy is all class.

Oh, and it appears Mr. Riehl Bitch has closed his comments. Color me not surprised.

Dan Reihl and Robert McCain remain silent on the growing Hamster Humping scandal that has tarnished their names.

What vile creatures they are. Since Mr. Riehl Bitch (thank you HB) closed comments, I went to McCain’s and left one, running up to the dock long after the ship has sailed, as per usual. So I hope you will all pardon my self-indulgently posting it here:

He was workng as a census worker on a part time basis, bot not when he was found dead.”

Brilliant. I am a part time census worker, and I can tell you that we are excused from work whenever we are dead.

This is a sorry a bunch of heartless, opportunistic know-nothings as ever stole a continental breakfast without a twinge of conscience. Except, of course, for the link you provided to the vilest man on the Internet, who sees “Eagle Scout” and “Teacher” in the obituary of a murdered, innocent man and instantly thinks “Pedophile.”

You should only know how incredibly hard census employees work, how meticulous they are, how they are sworn to protect personal information so help them God.

You find census information from a hundred years ago to be fabulous when you’re researching your wonderful geneologies. But using this harmless and necessary, contitutionally mandated arm of the Federal government as a political football suits you, so have at it.

Enjoy the drama and have fun speculating over my murdered fellow census worker, just as you enjoy your stolen doughnuts. Your descendants won’t need us to tell them who you are.You announce who you are loud and clear.

Mrs. Polly,

Well done. I am in awe.

Did he really misspell “but”?

Le wow.

You know Mrs. Polly, Mr. McThief’s journey would be vastly improved with some illustrations. Don’t you think?

[Puppy eyes]

The real question to ask is Is Dan Riehl a Child Predator?

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