Wingnuttistan in Total Freakout Over White House 54 TREES!!11!!11


“First Lady Michelle Obama seemed excited over the abundant greenery, saying in her holiday address, ‘We have 54 trees in the White House—54. That’s a lot of trees.’ “

Prompting the usual suspects to enter melt down mode.  Not only, does the White House have 54 trees, notes Winebox Annie Althouse but the first lady “decorously” refrained from CALLING THEM CHRISTMAS TREES!  Double play!  Dig at the big spending, lobster eating Michelle Obama and a gratuitous “war on Christmas” jab for good measure. 

Yes, the Obama’s are going to let the country slide over the fiscal cliff.  They’ll be riding all those Christmas trees while the rest of us just try to grab a branch or two.  It’s always fauxrage day over something in Wingnut Land.

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Maybe 54 is special number for Marxist Kenyan devil babies!

Everything the Obamas do, they do so blackly. [/nut]

Wait, didn’t those trees all have to be felled, hauled, and decorated?  Why does Ann Althouse hate job creators?

One of them, I think the nut from World Nut Daily, was griping that now those trees won’t be able to suck carbon dioxide out of the air and save us from global warming.  Even though it doesn’t exist of course.

Exactly.  Because the Keystone Pipeline is so benign and the frakking frakking no methane emissions there (20X more warming than CO2). 54 trees and that’s it the world is literally toast.  These people are so very sad.

I really wish Obama would put a Colt 45 can on top of one of the trees, just to fuck with people.

I hate to say it but if I were the kind of person to want to see the White House I would like to see it all dressed up for Christmas. And I’m a stone atheist. It must be lovely.


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