Winters’ End

This is Polly posting for Strange, who could not let Jonathan Winters’ passing go unremarked. Winters’ brilliance is perhaps no more perfectly illustrated than by the wild, multitudinous and instant characterizations he created, particularly the ones he wasn’t supposed to create while filming ads for products he was supposedly pitching, like the out-takes for Good Humor bars here.

One of Strange’s old flames was the daughter of the director who filmed Winters’ Hefty ads, and had a reel of such out-takes which so far seem not to have made it to You-tube, but which Strange was lucky enough to see.  One sample line, from a rueful coach:  “Fifty-six to nothin’ in the first quarter——somebody’s not doin’ their job!”

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Jonathan Winters was a genius. He was born in my hometown of Dayton, Ohio, and his family was in banking. My first checking account was with Winters Bank, and I worked for a short time downtown in Winters Towers.

He’s very fondly remembered around here, as was Erma Bombeck. We grow funny people around here.  ;-)

Jonathan Winters was one of the funniest guys on the planet.  And always good natured humor.  He will definitely be missed.  And thanks for the shout-out to Erma Bombeck donnah - she was a great wit too.  When I pass on I just hope I end up in whatever afterlife these guys inhabit.

@donnah: We are eternally grateful for all you funny Ohioans, not the least of them our own Strange.

Strange is all right, btw; he’d have written the whole post himself, but he’s presently distracted by the gravelly gabbling of his current roommate, a former barkeep, whose ramblings I can’t help but refer to as The Last Words Of Dutch Shlitz.

One of my favorite Jonathan Winters roles was as the pool hustler in the Twilight Zone episode A Game of Pool, with Jack Klugman.

He’ll be remembered fondly.

A friend’s dad was the spit and image of Jonathan Winters, but lacked the comic timing.  He was pretty good at the “slow burn” though.

I rewatched the infamous “gas station scene” from It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World... what a triumph of slapstick.

Jonathan Winters was the first comic that I really ‘got’ in an adult way when I was a kid; he was a revelation as to how wild and brilliant humor could really be.  He’ll always be in my pantheon of the truly great, touched by genius.

I rewatched the infamous “gas station scene” from It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World… what a triumph of slapstick.

That movie is my father’s favorite film of all time.

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