Without My Walking Sticks, I Loved This Song Anyway.

Without my walking stick
I’d go insane
I can’t look my best I feel undressed
Without my cane

With two broken vertebrae, a dead sciatic nerve, and my maiden aunt Bernice’s choking fear of nightfall, I had enough walking canes, sword canes and decorative Civil War cudgels to equip the road company of Red Badge Of Courage. By and large, that all happened before Leon released Without My Walking Stick, a tune I grew to love like a rock n’ roll groupie.

Now that I am additionally tied to several different flavors of Blind Guy canes as tall and thin as a willow rod, this song is practically my marching theme.

One last thing: the actual provenance for “Without My Walking Stick” precedes Leon Redbone by at least forty or fifty years. Below the fold, you’ll find a 78 RPM version of the song recorded by Tommy Dorsey. Oh, and BTW, you should never forget that the tune was written by (*gasp!*) Irving Berlin!!!

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Really, I’m at the point where I assume most songs I love were written by either Irving Berlin or Frank Loesser.

They were prolific, is what I’m saying.

Definitely like the Redbone version better but then, it’s Leon Redbone.

Among my group of friends, this song is just so appropriate. Can’t get to a certain age without a bad knee, bad hip or bad ankle or some combination of aforementioned. The so-called Golden Years feel more like the Golden Shower.

Just sayin’

One of my buddies has reported to me that according to his orthopedic surgeon, it’s time for that hip replacement “when you start walking like a cowboy”.  Just thought I’d pass that bit of info on. 

Truly Strange, you ARE the music man!

When I was a teenager, my mom grounded me and made me miss a Leon Redbone concert. I have never forgiven her.

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