Wonder Woman Gets A New Look (Finally)


After more than 60 years of fighting crime in a bathing suit WW gets a makeover!

Although Wonder Woman was one of my fave cartoon heroes growing up, I confess I haven’t paid her much attention in recent (recent being about 40) years.  So I’m glad to see she’s finally getting a modern touch with just the right element of glam.

Alas, if this so-called doctor gets her way female super-heroes may be a thing of the past.  I really just have no words.

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That so-called doctor needs to be lumped in with the eugenicists.  For many years as a teenager I was diagnosed with mild CAH, wrongly it turns out, just a little high in the testosterone area but within normal limits.  Yes, I wasn’t interested in dolls, maternal behavior, etc and wanted what at the time was a rare career for women (MD - didn’t get there thankfully).  However, I found heterosexual humping quite appealing and still do. 

True CAH is quite rare; fucking up fetuses with experimental hormones to ensure no carpet-munching behavior and lots of baby-making desire seems rather Germany circa 1940.  Don’t tell me; this doctor is a winger who is deeply concerned with the dearth of white babies that so traumatizes their kind.

Lynda Carter approves.

It’s a good look, and it might even pass muster with Wonder Woman’s creator, who had a thing for ropes and high heels.

Unfortunately, this costume has been introduced as part of an “alternate history” storyline—which is usually only a short-term novelty to boost sales and test-market just this sort of makeover. However, while DC has successfully updated many of its characters over the years, WW is one of the Big Three icons (along with Batman and Superman) who seem impervious to all but very minor alterations in costume. Fans howled when WW switched from stiletto slave sandals to boots, and there are already deep rumblings about this new configuration among comic purists.

I can’t comment on whether it’s a refreshing and welcome idea to make WW more appealing and relevant to new generations of fans, because I’m old, and a guy, and I don’t want to live in a world where Superman and Batman don’t look like the party favors at a Kitsch Convention, for the same reason I could never get used to Uncle Sam in a beret, or Mickey Mouse with five fingers and a voice like Paul Robeson.

I believe ICANN will be issuing a suspension of Godwin’s Law for the purposes of discussing that doctor, mar.  As soon as it passes, you’ll have all the words you need.

Today at lunch I passed by someone who looked just like Wonder Woman’s alter ego. I mean, yeah, the NE’s notorious for its hot, bespectacled brunettes, but this lady seriously had that “lookit how incognito I am” vibe all the DC Gods-among-men seem to have. Luxurious hair pulled back in a severe bun, push-up bra under a grey power-suit so nondescript as to practically demand attention, no-frills black pumps that seem relatively functional as long as you don’t notice how absurdly high the heels are, the whole nine.

I could tell it wasn’t really her, though. For one thing, when she responded to my pick-up lines by tying me up with rope, she demanded that I stop talking.

you don’t notice how absurdly high the heels are

Have to guess, but as you didn’t mention that the bespectacled lady was of Amazonian height, the heels may have been serving a practical purpose, even if impractically.

Well, it’s better than her hideous 90’s costume.  But yeah, she’ll be back to the old swimsuit in a year.

Comment by middlewest on 07/01/10 at 12:13 AM

you didn’t mention that the bespectacled lady was of Amazonian height

Dude, I’m all about gigantresses, so if that’d been the case, I would’ve made a “because it’s there” joke. Actually, I wouldn’t've commented at all, because I’d still be on that street corner in some kind of fugue state.

Well, it’s better than her hideous 90’s costume.

Less porny, at any rate (seriously, on a bed?). Honestly, I don’t dig the new threads. Leggings with regular shoes instead of boots makes her look like the featured dancer in a Fosse revue. I thought they were re-booting the charac…

Okay, that’s beneath even me.

Seeing all these images of WW, I gotta say, not only are comic artists incapable of drawing a more beautiful woman than Lynda Carter, they can’t even draw a more cartoony woman.

Speaking of Lynda Carter,I knew she was a democrat,but I hadn’t seen this video of Carter calling out Palin until the other day.  Will Wonder Woman get “prowled” for saying this?

Comment by JasonM on 07/01/10 at 08:59 AM

her hideous 90’s costume.

DC’s been trying to sell the leather-jacket-with-rolled-up-sleeves-look since the late ‘80s. They tried and failed to sell it with Green Lantern and Superman, and now it’s back with Wonder Woman.

Sometimes, I get the feeling that DC’s concept of hip is trapped in some sort of Duran Duran stasis field. 

And, yes, I’m absolutely humiliated by how much I know about superhero costumes.

Obligatory dialogue reference from Back to School:

Diane: Hello, Philip.

Dr. Phillip Barbay: What did HE want?

Diane: Oh! What do ALL men want?

Dr. Phillip Barbay: [wryly] He wants you to dress up as Wonder Woman? Tie him up with a golden lariat and force him to tell the truth?

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