Woodward: WATERGHAZI!!

Apparently primordial Villager Bob Woodward’s information stream is less than a trickle these days, or else how to explain his ignorance of the news that Benghazi emails purportedly doctored by the White House were actually doctored by interested, and likely Republican, parties instead?

Perhaps Woodward is still a little traumatized after having been threatened with a good dinner and flattery by a thuggish member of the Obama administration.

Or, perhaps, somewhere deep within the man (if that’s possible at all at all), he needs to discredit himself by daring more careful reporters to throw facts at him like a carnival dunk-me clown. Predictably, though, at the Village carnival, the game is evidently rigged, and Woodward stays dry as a bone.

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I found one of those boxes you get at a restaurant to take home leftovers in the back of my fridge once. Couldn’t remember exactly when I had put it there, but it kinda looked ok.

Turned out that it had seriously exceeded it’s shelf life.

Won’t make that mistake again.

That article about woodwards book on belushi was just shudderingly awful and fascinating. I really thought I couldn’t dislike Woodward more than I do but—wow!

If it weren’t for the verifying presence of Carl Bernstein, I might be lighting apology candles to Nixon right now.

It must be an odd feeling to see your old partner dragging down the franchise. Even Ben Bradlee had his doubts, according to Salon. Deep Throat wouldn’t have been half so compelling if they’d used his real ‘nym, Soft Palate.

Woodward is so sad these days because he really did uncover a criminal cover-up (along with Bernstein’s help, of course) by a crooked President and administration back in the day.  But now he’s just shouting at the clouds and hoping that someone will listen to him again.

It’s generally a good rule to avoid spouting dumbass falsehoods on the anniversary of your one and only triumph.

Relevance.  He wants it; he can not haz it.

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