Worst. Correction. Ever.

From Face of Spuds:

Corrections Galore! I’m told that Obama is 47, not 44, and Illinois State Senate districts are 200,000 or so strong.

So while my facts may be off, my conclusions still stand, obviously. If anything, my conclusions are stronger now.

Click through the link and you tell me how this makes his conclusions stronger.

UPDATE: Face of Spuds is claiming he was being “ironic.”  Is this an example of irony, too?

This choice [Palin] really seems to be wigging them the fuck out.

Because if it is, Face of Spuds is the funniest SOB on the innertubes.

Honk honk!

Posted by Kevin K. on 08/29/08 at 02:55 PM • Permalink

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How the fuck did this person graduate from any school?

“My facts are off but my conclusions are stronger now….”

Yeah, because we have all learned the syllogism ... wrong plus wrong equals correct. That’s how the Jebbies taught me during logic instruction.

Classic Goldbergism:  “I was wrong, which only proves my point!  Doodie weener butt fart!”

Barack Obama and Sarah Palin differ in many ways. I don’t deny this. Indeed, it is my central point

/Jonah Goldberg

Dude, this is the guy that rebutted someone a while back (via Sadly) with “Shut up, That’s Why!”

“I was right! I was wrong all along.
I was right! I was wrong all along.
I was wrong all along, and I knew I was wrong—
I was right! I was wrong all along.”

(old lyric, new meaning)


apparently, there’s a correction to the correction:

The Illinois 13th district that Obama represented in the State Senate consists of 800,000 according to the 2000 census.

And a correction to that:

I’m kind of surprised at that.  I would have expected each senatorial district in Illinois would have a closely equivalent number of people.  This may be because it had gotten out of whack by the end a decade and I would think it might have been corrected in the 2000 redistricting.  I made my guess of 230,000 based on 13M population divided by 59 state senators.

Comment by rec on 08/29/08 at 05:18 PM

If Obama being older than he stated makes his conclusions of Obama being too young even STRONGER, then McCain is way too young to be president!  By his logic, the only one old enough to be president should probably not even have been born yet.

The Space of Aids should incorporate Jonah-logic into all of his posts.  Its pure comedy gold.

With logic this horrible, Ace definitely has another CPAC Blogger of the Year award locked up for sure.

Note Obama’s State Senate District is actually more populous than Alaska. He was a legislator, not a representative; but he was also there for more than eighteen months, and got things done in the job.

Is there any evidence Palin even has opinions about anythoung other than oil drilling and abortion?

Ah, obviously, that should have been “not an executive” not “not a representative”. Sorry.

This error, however, does make my point stronger.

Fake but accurate.

Space of AIDS!!!!

Comedy gold!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could you guys do me a favor and not support me openly? That would be really great. It’s not that I don’t appreciate it, but you’re really lowering the collective IQ and we can’t afford any more of that.

Thanks again.


I don’t know how Ace ever linked to anyone that has a list of what “I’m Listening to”.

As my old buddy Buggs bunny would say ... what a maroon.

My God this is a great blog. Fantastic post and comments - wise, witty, clever, well informed, ironical even.

Ace sent me here.

Gonna go out on a limb here and venture a guess that the “crotch dropping” guy isn’t really here out of support for the Democratic nominee.

This is gonna be the ratfuckingest election ever.

Comment by Obama Or Else! on 08/29/08 at 10:17 PM

Whoa, for real, asshole?

Small bonus from Ace’s post—the way he starts it off:

That’s the attack from Obama (attack, attack, attack, without even a welcome for their opponent).

The instant whining after what McCain’s campaign has spent the entire summer doing is just priceless.

On a related note: John Cole points out the last remaining plausible reason for Palin to be on the ticket.

Really, the only way I think this helps the ticket is that the McCain campaign can now feign outrage over alleged sexist remarks at the same time they are on the fainting couches decrying some mythical slight to McCain’s honor.

Wow.  I just read his second post (in which he bestows upon us the definition of irony).

Talk about protesting too much.

Never expect Ace to make sense. He’s an idiot.

No, Golden Boy, not for real. That’s the point. See, he posts that here, then he goes back to Ace’s place and tells everybody that liberals are mocking the developmentally disabled.

I mean, come on, his handle’s Obama or Else! for Christ’s sake. Like anybody would actually use that and mean it.

Get good at seeing the signs, people, and quick. They’re gonna roll out the non-inept trolls soon.

rec and Warren Terror, that correction is based on confusing the 13th district of Illinois in the US House of Representatives with the 13th district for the Illinois State Senate, wich Obama represented.

Are you guys SERIOUSLY this clueless?

Are you guys SERIOUSLY this clueless?

Sorry, McCain’s VP exploratory committee doesn’t comment here.

Is there any evidence Palin even has opinions about anythoung other than oil drilling and abortion?

Yes! She believes in teaching creationism in schools! Another bonus! She’s like Pat Robertson with a hoo-ha.

I’m not sure what’s funnier:  Face of Spuds or Space of AIDS.  If only you guys could have written for Arrested Development, maybe it would have been a hit.

I’m not sure what’s funnier:  Face of Spuds or Space of AIDS.  If only you guys could have written for Arrested Development, maybe it would have been a hit.

For the record, I think Face of Spuds is funnier than both Space of AIDS and your comment, but not funnier than Arrested Development. But since you clicked through from the land of Play-Doh and bacon va-jay-jays, just pretend everything written previously is a string o’ arm-crook-generated fart noises and the laughter will just come cascading out of your piehole.

Man, the comments at that site are clinical:

“5 attack, attack attack, without even a welcome for their opponent).

Yeah, this morning when I saw that she was chosen VP, I realized even further how smart McCain’s “congratulatory” commercial last night was.

It REALLY makes Obama seem classless for any attacks on VPILF today.

Posted by: dan-O at August 29, 2008 02:08 PM (teb/C)”

Yeah wow, classless…

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