Worst Cover

Or Worst Cover Ever?
I am seriously concerned for the future of music.

Posted by Hunger Tallest Palin on 03/27/09 at 08:13 PM • Permalink


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Gee, HTP, I guess nobody’s concerned about the future of music except you and me! Though I rather think this would be the worst cover. Or the best, if you have certain proclivities.

And that would make this one of the best covers ever, if you like watching Chris Noth sing like Al Gore. I find myself oddly susceptible.

I was fairly annoyed with Disturbed’s cover of Land of Confusion by Genesis, mostly because they made virtually no attempt to differentiate it from the original.  The arrangement is virtually the same.  How lazy and unoriginal.

I like Paul Anka’s cover of Teen Spirit, because he embraces the song in his own style, and pulls it off.

Of course, greatest cover ever would have to be “All Along the Watchtower” by Hendrix.  He accomplished the rare feat of taking an already great song and making it even better.

As for the worst ever?  Enjoy.

Comment by Pumalicious! on 03/28/09 at 07:30 AM

I guess nobody’s concerned about the future of music except you and me!

Oh, I’m concerned alright, Mrs. P. It’s just one of those subjects that you don’t want to get me started on.

The house regularly fills with a duet of wailing and gnashing of teeth (which the cat sometimes joins in on), and it’s a competition as to who’ll be first to hiss through clenched jaws, “What the heck was the point of that cover version?!”

You don’t want me bringing that here, believe me.

Worst cover ever?  Worse than this?

Hey now, HTP.  Don’t you go getting all sacrilegous on my boys Wham!  Seether’s reverence for the deathless lyric “Guilty feet have got no rhythm” will not be mocked in my presence.

Personally I think “Wake me up before you go, go” is as untouchable as it gets.  And what was with Celine and the air guitar bits?  I vote for that one as “Indistinguishable from Karaoke”.

As for the worst ever?  Enjoy.

Who added those terrible lyrics to HtKaM?

And, for something completely different, perhaps the best cover ever.

Comment by sean on 03/28/09 at 12:31 PM

I counter your best cover ever with this best cover ever, because any band that turns “Stayin’ Alive” into an angry oi song deserves to be mentioned in the conversation of best covers ever.

tas—Holy crap.  You win, not least for the “Can’t Touch This” “cover.”

That said, SoaD still qualifies as “music,” and you can actually understand most of what they say.

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