Would you take advice from this person?

Nicolle Wallace discusses running mates and Palin:

Nicolle Wallace, the former McCain adviser who handled — and clashed with — Sarah Palin during the 2008 presidential campaign, told BuzzFeed on Wednesday that the Palin debacle will play into female politicians’ shot at getting picked for the vice presidential slot this year.

“I think it’ll affect it because I think in the post-Palin era you can’t go back. That happened,” said Wallace, who is portrayed as a hero in the recent film about the race, Game Change.
Wallace said thinks it “cuts both ways.”

“There will be pressure to elevate a woman but there will be an equal amount of pressure to pick someone who is prepared,” Wallace said. “I think preparedness is the kind of undercurrent of the critics of Palin’s candidacy.”

Her suggestion?  Nikki Haley. Really? Nikki Haley? Okay, whatever—Nikki Haley

But she is right that preparedness is key—or else you get this:


That’s right—an HBO movie. You don’t want that to be your campaign.

With that in mind, I’m going to do a series regarding possible running mate picks and why they suck so very much—and I’m going to start with Romney’s current rivals, and why they aren’t even close to being proper VP material.

Let’s start with RIck Santorum—


He’s laid into Romney about as much as it is possible to do, from talking down his conservative bona fides to snottily carrying an Etch-A-Sketch. Also, if Romney is gaffe-prone when it comes to displays of privilege and inauthenticity, Santorum is equally gaffe-prone when it comes to knee-jerk culture warrior reactions to even little things, like pink bowling balls.  It might firm up Romney’s appeal to the Christian base that Santorum appeals to, but at the grave risk of turning off many moderates and independents.

And then there’s Newt.


Ditto on the contentiousness. Also, Gingrich is too much of a “diva”. But they did have a cordial meeting recently.  I sincerely can’t imagine it had anything to do with Gingrich getting “felt-out” as a possible running mate, though. For one thing, Gingrich would have to drop out and HE STILL HASN"T, SOMEHOW, for another, he wouldn’t be the top banana. It’s hard to say what Gingrich could do for Romney.  Also—ditto on the Etch-A-Sketch.  Not a helpful image to this campaign—still less from anyone who would be part of his campaign.

So that’s two possible running mates down (three if you count Nikki Haley). I’ll be contemplating the merits of other possible running mates soon.

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Somehow, the media’s interest in the opinions of people who failed spectacularly in their previous role in whatever topic is under discussion never loses its capacity to surprise me. Bill Kristol, the walking Platonic Ideal of Wrong, is asked his opinions on neo-con war fantasies, etc. So yeah, Nicolle Wallace on Romney’s VP pick. Hahahaha!

I can’t see Romney picking Santorum or Gingrich either, and Haley would be about as dumb a pick as Palin even if she (Haley) is 20 times smarter. Ready-made sex scandal and all of that; even if the accuser is a self-promoting cad, he did seem to have evidence to back up his claims. Who needs that headache to deal with in a tough election? So that’s not going to happen.

I think Romney will almost certainly have to go with a Southerner. The GOP is the party of Dixie now. Maybe he gives Bob “Tranvaginal Wand State Rape” McDonnell the nod.

A splendid and timely theme for a series!

He’s laid into Romney about as much as it is possible to do, from talking down his conservative bona fides to snottily carrying an Etch-A-Sketch.

Oh, I think they could make it work. Let me elevator-pitch it.

Mitt and Ricky take to the stage together, then produce Etch A Sketches from somewhere mercifully unfathomable within their voluminous underwears and proceed to agitate them vigorously.

Campaign Theme: Let’s Shake It Up!

Downsides: Huntsman (who he?) said a while back that if he and Mitt were on the same ticket, “There’d be too many jokes about that. No, I can’t imagine it at all.” I questioned why this might be so, and it was pointed out to me that Mormons on mission traditionally go around in pairs. Given that Mitt and Rick look more clone-y than the Mitt/Huntsman pairing, I think the dangers are obvious, though every campaign can use a running comedy theme: The Underoos Brothers.

With a Mitt/Newt ticket, as long as they could scoot past the tedious business of actually getting elected, then it makes a lot of sense. Bush I had Quayle, Bush II had Cheney. With Newt on the ticket, Mitt’s Secret service detail could safely take four years’ furlough, saving taxpayers loads of $. Newt: The President’s Body Armor. And the Etch A Sketch trick would work equally well.

Without wishing to preempt the rest of your series, if we’re looking at potential female picks, I understand WI Lieutenant Governor Rebecca “Mama Grizzly” Kleefisch may soon be looking to bale out for gainful employment. She’s big on “common sense,” has a media background, is fond of Facebook and Twitter, and she can bring the wingnuttness in spades:

This is a slippery slope in addition to that — at what point are we going to okay marrying inanimate objects? Can I marry this table, or this — you know, clock? Can we marry dogs? This is ridiculous.

I’m sure she could rock an Etch A Sketch if the money was good.

Haley Barbour - he’s never gonna get the top spot, but he’s itching to go national again.

Bill Kristol… is asked his opinions on neo-con war fantasies

To be fair, he is an expert on those.

Campaign Theme: Let’s Shake It Up!

Perfect! Ready-made for the Cars song they can use without permission because that’s what Redoublechins do.

One reads w/ amusement that Nikki Haley may be about to be indicted on tax fraud charges, stemming from her involvement in a Sikh temple a few years ago.  Is there such a thing as Easter presents?  Pls?

Re Mitt and Newt: to only slightly adjust a quote someone said a few weeks ago, you’d have a guy nobody likes veeped by a guy everybody hates.

I realize we live in a society where everything is dumbed down, including the discussion of women in power positions, but when will they realize that it isn’t Palin’s gender that makes her the butt of every goddamned joke a thinking member of society can come up with?

Palin was a disaster because she was wholly unprepared for the national stage and every time she opened her mouth she filled the quivers of her opponents with arrows to sling. The idea that she is any kind of model—other than a model of fail—for a future female candidate is absurd, the right wing is full of hateful, single-issue women who at least can speak in clear, coherent sentences it just so happens Palin aint one of them.

Speaking of slippery slope:

Heterosexual marriage should be forbidden because once we allow different sexes to marry the next thing you know, it’s different species.

Nip it in the bud, I say.

One reads w/ amusement that Nikki Haley may be about to be indicted on tax fraud charges, stemming from her involvement in a Sikh temple a few years ago.  Is there such a thing as Easter presents?  Pls?

Correct.  Looks like we can scratch Nikki Haley off the list:

http://politicalwire.com/archives/2012/03/29/haley_i ndictment_coming_soon.html

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