Wow, The Donald Really is as Dumb as he Looks!

Combover gone wild.


It’s been snowing on the East Coast this winter so we should strip Al Gore of his Nobel prize!  Cuz the Chinese are laughing at us or something.

Donald does not offer up an explanation for why there is hardly ANY snow in Vancouver this year and the Olympic athletes are skiing on top of hay bales covered with trucked in snow.*

Maybe somebody could explain the difference between *weather* and *climate*  to Mr. Chumpy.

*Colorado and Montana snowpack below average this year too.

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We all now know that Donald’s right, because Phil Jones, director of the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia, just admitted in a BBC interview that Global Warming is a hoax, the data is a complete fabrication, and man has no impact on climate.

Except, of course, that he didn’t say anything of the sort.

Donald Trump, “You’re Fired!”

Can’t remember who described DT as a “short-fingered vulgarian,” but he or she deserves plenty of credit.

M. Bouffant, I’m pretty sure it originated with the late great Spy magazine. Now if only I could remember who it was they described as a “bosomy dirty book writer.” Paging Graydon Carter…

That would be Shirley Lord, wife of Abe “I’m Writing as Bad As I Can” Rosenthal.

I live in Toronto. You know—Canada? Land of ice and snow? I bought studded tires for my bike a couple of weeks ago because we were finally going to get slightly more than an inch of snow.

We got a dusting. Long range forecast? Naked ground for weeks to come and maybe a little more dusting.

I’m returning the tires this weekend.

(Oh, and “short-fingered vulgarian” is definitely from Spy. I still have the full run from 1986.)

He sneaks into Gretchen Carlson’s bathroom each morning, picks up the snarl of hair on her shower drain and plops it on his bald pate.

Hell mend Donald Trump.

Not content with being a complete arse over your way, for the last few years he’s been strongarming through his plans to build yet another monstrous golf course on a Site of Special Scientific Interest near Aberdeen in Scotland.

Leaving aside the questionable economics of hanging development of the area on something we already have plenty of over here - golf courses - when some of our high-prestige courses in much more accessible areas have been having severe problems persuading enough ultra-rich suckers to part with their annual fees, if I live long enough I’ll be laughing my socks off if past insurance company predictions about climate change I’ve seen prove to be correct: if they are, by 2048 we’ll be seeing once-in-a-hundred-year storms around Aberdeen every fortnight or so. He or his progeny may regret building houses on sand ...

It’s way below normal in Albany, New York, too.

Comment by Steve M. on 02/17/10 at 10:19 AM

You never know where the Donald’s going to lead you. Somehow, I ended up at the RCS Yamal tree-ring chronology, in which East Anglian scientists mix it up with GW deniers citing a Scotsman over the growth patterns of larch trees.

This pretty much is the opening number:

McIntyre’s use of the data from a single, more spatially restricted site, to represent recent tree growth over the wider region, and his exclusion of the data from the other available sites, likely represents a biased reconstruction of tree growth. McIntyre’s sensitivity analysis has little implication, either for the interpretation of the Yamal chronology or for other proxy studies that make use of it.

Really needs Michael Palin to do it justice.

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