Yakkity Sax Goes To The Republican Unhappy Place

Rape. It’s Mother Nature’s way! Even with background checks and all, the military has a hard time screening out sex offenders, because golly! It has to train its soldiers to fight their very own Mother Nature-installed hormones, what keep knocking up all those female soldiers, especially on aircraft carriers, where it is well known that women should be kept away from the manimals who serve our country. Thank heavens Big Daddy was never one of them, as the late, great Senator from New Jersey once pointed out.

Watching Chambliss (R [U Really Asking Which Party?]—PreCambria) apparently doing some equivalent of thinking aloud is instructive, if agita-inducing for Republican consultants:

Didn’t we tell’em wimmen soldiers was a bad idea? Who knows how many of them high-spirited young boys got a little too frisky? I have an idea—let’s investigate the baby-mamas! Honey, who did this to you? You can tell me—I’m your C.O.

On the one hand, at least Chambliss isn’t taking the Akin line. On the other, he’s just managed to further torpedo the rotting Republican vessel, in a week where College Republicans had already deemed it unseaworthy and Representative Marsha Blackburn ran it aground.

One thing Chambliss has managed to accomplish, though: he’s helped to show why no rising tide’s going to lift the GOP boat: no matter how many rats desert, it’s still full of Republicans.

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You know, a lot of these young people come from impoverished backgrounds and they’re just starting out in life. They don’t have much. You know how young people today are about their nice cars and smart phones—they just gotta have ‘em! So it’s no surprise that they sometimes resort to pulling a stickup down to the Piggly Wiggly.

All I can think is, “This asshole unseated Max Cleland? Damn, it’s a pity Sherman didn’t turn around and march back from the sea.”

My hormones made me write that “Northern Aggression-y” sentence.

Mrs. Polly,
it is always so exciting when you talk about sex. Don’t think that I don’t lie awake at night in torment over your coquettish bookcase eroticism.

Regretfully, President Obama’s military is full of problems.  No doubt he hopes for a fairer and more inclusive military, and it is unfortunate that his approach so dramatically increases the social problems.

As you pointed out, some of us who have actually been there, done that, felt that women in forward positions was simply not a good idea. In fact, as Jeff Goldblum said in Jurassic Park, “A bad idea in the whole long history of bad ideas.”

It brings us no pleasure to find that we were correct.

Regretfully, President Obama‚Äôs military is full of problems.  No doubt he hopes for a fairer and more inclusive military, and it is unfortunate that his approach so dramatically increases the social problems.

[citation needed]

Thanks for the history lesson, Amherst.  Until now I was not aware that until President Obama was elected there were no women, and, apparently, no sexual assault issues in the American military.

Or perhaps the issue is one of an old-boys network covering up the problems and which is now coming much more into the open. A culture of acceptance of sexual assault can do a lot to promote the behavior.  (See:  The Catholic Church)

I assume your use of the pronoun “we” assumes a consensus with the likes of Saxby Chambliss (something most people would hesitate to claim) and not an assumption that Mrs. P. agrees with you.  I’m kinda sure she does not.  But you’ve had trouble in the past picking up on the “snark” thing.


Thank you for your service to America. I only wish it hadn’t immersed you in a wacky perception of the U.S. Military as a combination of Ghengis Khan’s Mongol hordes and Mr. T.‘s mohawk-stiffening gel. You make disciplined war-fighting sound like a low-cost alternative to a chemical toilet-snake.

Meanwhile…email me a copy of your land-mail address and I’ll overnight you a videotape of BrundleStrange eating his food.

President Obama is the Commander in Chief, he has direct authority over the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of Defense has authority over the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff have authority over all the branches of the military.

This chain of command is entirely responsible for everything that happens in the military. They don’t necessarily cause everything bad, but they are responsible for it.

If you have objections to things occurring in the military, your attention needs to be directed to this chain of command. And the Commander in Chief has a huge span of powers, far beyond what he has over the civilian population as President of the United States.  He’s the guy who has to stop the bad shit.

The rapes have to stop. If young women are being molested this easily by our troops, what do you think would happen to them when captured by the enemy?

hey, you’ve still got your punch.

I don’t blame you guys for not fully understanding this one, because part of it is inside baseball.

What you’ve got here is the oppression of a powerless majority by an autocratic professional class looking out for their own interests.

A significant portion of the female officer corps sees the military as a professional career.

Most of the enlisted women (and men) see military service as putting in their 6 years (divided between active and reserve service) as temporary.

A while back, the female officers corps realized that men had upwardly mobile possibilities, because rank is more frequently awarded for people who have served in combat.

The female officers corps who frequently see the military as a professional career (like men) wanted to get in on this faster track to higher rank.

With this as an objective, they rallied civilian political forces and began to be able to have themselves placed into more dangerous positions by virtue of painting their situation as discriminatory.

Enlisted women who do not see the military as a professional career nearly as often are virtually powerless over what levels of danger they will be placed in.

So when the professional military women intentionally placed themselves into more danger, enlisted women, who make up the vast majority of women in the military, wound up being put in situations they never wanted to be in.

Enlisted women do not get a vote.

Enlisted women are at the mercy of a goal-driven professional class that is willing to waive safety to achieve higher rank.  Enlisted women have no choice in the matter except possibly to forgo joining the military.

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