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Self-criticism: any Blingee about hot air and hysteria needs moar Tom “Not Just Bloviating” Friedman:

Imagine how many real restrictions to our beautiful open society we would tolerate if there were another attack on the scale of 9/11.

To be fair, Friedman was without an Iranian cab-driver to help him find his way through his own tightened sphincter at the time.

And from the “Should Know Better” wing of the Department Of Garbage Analysis Department: This country makes the Stasi look like a bunch of Boy Scouts! That comes at 55.23 of this Democracy Now clip, in which Hedges, author of the compelling and possibly all-too-self-descriptive “War Is A Force Which Gives Us Meaning,” also avers that “this is far beyond a reasonable debate,” which Mr. Hedges’ co-guest, reasonable debater, Administration opacity critic and former Obama boss-o-him Professor Geoffrey Stone, might have guessed already, if his comment section at Huffpo is any indication

TRAITORHEROGOATWORSHIP! The contents of Amy Goodman’s vacuum bag to anyone who can’t guess the civil libertastic subject of this encomium at the charnel house formerly known as the comments section of Talking Points Memo: 

It IS what it is; but clearly, most of the posters on this site are more invested in defending their team than being moved by Truth. So they shoot the messenger… it’s like crucifying The Christ, all over again.

(I admit to loving how obnoxious this woman is: to another woman who suggested not letting this scandal keep us home in November: “You’d be more amusing as a cheerleader if you wore pom poms on your breasts and bounced around.” Superciliousness, implacable belief in her own infallibility, allegiance to No Mere Human, reminds me of something..P….PU….what could it be? It’s so familiar…sounds like PURE? PURE something? PURE-MA!)

Josh Marshall’s attempt to explain his mixed feelings and evolving position toward the IT guy who ran with the PowerPoint earned him a right old firestorm of derision for his “navel gazing apologia masterpiece:”

you can watch as money’s string pulls the integrity off of Josh Marshall’s tongue, where it normally is, and drags Josh Marshall’s integrity out his ass like a string pulling bait..

Mercy. No, excuse me, I meant to say, “MERCY!” It’s getting awful Madame DeFargey out there. Is there nobody who dares to step forward and suggest that Snowden might be neither hero nor traitor?


Well thank heaven for you, young man. What a nice, well-spoken fellow, talking to the South China Morning Post, Hong Kong’s semi-politically independent flagship paper. To which he’s spilled more US beans:

Snowden claimed that overall, he believed there had been more than 61,000 NSA hacking operations globally, with hundreds of targets in Hong Kong and on the mainland..

Um. Perhaps we had better just concentrate more on the disinfectant, and less on the source of the sunlight, since I can feel a little tug on what’s left of my integrity, and I don’t think it’s money on the other end.

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Apparently, Rand Paul had an anti-NSA bill already written up the day after this story was printed. It’s almost as if he had advance notice.

Apparently, Rand Paul had an anti-NSA bill already written up the day after this story was printed. It’s almost as if he had advance notice.

The kid is apparently a Paulbot… maybe Rand’s dad can lend him the blimp so he can cruise forever over the Pacific and Indian oceans, subject to no law but the law of the airways.

I’m not a hero, I just play one in the Guardian . . .

This poor kid displays many signs of being seriously effed up. Unfortunately, his bio and his pole-dancing girlfriend’s umm “journal” do nothing to mitigate that view.  He appears to have a touch of messianic complex and is now squirreled away in his own private Gethsemane awaiting crucifixion.

No matter what he did, for good or ill, it doesn’t change the fact that at 29, and apparently seriously disturbed, his main ambition appears to be becoming a media star who saved the world [without a clue what he was saving it from].

Bette, I agree that he has some delusions of grandeur, but I didn’t think of him as seriously effed-up so much as a serial eff-up who thought he was doing a giant good deed.

And because life’s wacky that way, I think he definitely instigated a needed discussion about the security state, one of my less favorite bugs, so to speak, in the Obama administration.

It’s also interesting that people always refer to him as a kid or young man; he’s nearly thirty! Bradley Manning is a kid. Edward Snowden is just boyishly good-looking, which I think is helping cut him some slack that he would NOT get otherwise, at least in the “how could he know Hong Kong is part of China?” department. But then, as an auto-didact IT guy and Paulbot, he displays a kind of typical ignorance of anything, including history, that he didn’t HAVE to know.

Where he lost sympathy with me was his decision to expose secrets that are NOT related to civil liberties: he’s sitting in an “independently administered” Chinese territory and determining what US policies he believes should be halted, because they are unfair to that jewel of human rights preservation, China? Mmmkay.

Crap.  Too many “insteads”.  It’s early, and really smoky around here….

Once again, the narcissism of the revolutionary actor is on display.  Instead of the usual lefty/vegan/whatever, it’s a Paulbot instead.

and really smoky around here….

Not going to get much better either - today at least.

On the other hand our houses aren’t going up in flames.  Yet, anyway. ;-)

Yikes yikes yikes, String and Marin! Keeping my fingers crossed for you, and the couch on standby! Stay safe and breathe shallow…between being on fire and derecho’d, we may need to add “Climatogeddon” to our Rumpegories.

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