...I flinched several times.

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No disclaimer?  You bastard!

I flinched four times and I dove for the floor at the end when he started to get out of the chair.

You owe me a set of eyeballs. About two seconds into that mine melted straight out of my head.

Jenny, please accept my humblest apologies…

When will the popular vote myth die? I think Brendan Loy said it for me when he wrote that one absolute condition of any deal Obama and Clinton strike is that she walks back her corrosive popular vote canard.

That’s also why I have a lot of sympathy for some of Clinton’s supporters. If she really did win the PV, I’d feel Obama’s nomination was tainted. But of course, she didn’t, and she’s only poisoning the well by claiming to have done so.

I don’t envy her position. If she starts telling the truth about the PV, she’s going to leave a lot of her supporters mightily pissed with her. But when you ride the dragon, those are the risks you take.

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