Yesterday’s News Tomorrow: WaSilly PINS Penning Epistle With Bristle

All right now, so you’re saying, what the Fuqua is this? Is it a dinner theater production of “Trashdance,” or has Jane Fonda gone Goth? Nope nope nope, it’s merely an ectoplasmic manifestation of the will to fame, otherwise known as Our Sarah. And no, despite actually causing Our Wonkette to self-concern-troll in semi-earnest on her behalf, she says she is not suffering from moose-mange or gramma-rexia: she is making herself look like this on purpose.

Yes, despite/because of what we know of their penchant for living on Red Bull and wolf-puppy-paw kabobs, the whole Palin family is writing a fitness (not for office, though) book. It will be filled with tales of their physical prowess in sports not involving horizontal skeet-shooting without precautions, and how to eat dead animals and maintain your girlish wardrobe.  Look for it on the coffee tables of your least favorite relatives, as soon as the competitive bidding war for this hot title is settled. Also available as a Kindle half-single.

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Sarah who?

Does the book include tips on how to get bad highlights and ugly shoes?  Because too bad, Kate Gosselin got there first.

It’s Beyond Paleo, because it still allows you to eat comfort food—whatever in Ms. Mooselini’s world that may be. Sucking mascara wands, probably. Waterproof stays with you longer.

Comfort foods do not include vegetables, though, because only Commie Mooslims believe in those. As any Palinophile knows, Green Is For Folding.

Ho-leee-shit.  This is the person that *some* were convinced could make a competitive run for president.  The real housewives of the White House.  Argggghhh!!

Sarah Palin’s workout consists of lifting the wallets of unsuspecting rubes.


I read her list of what she eats; she isn’t getting that scary-skinny looking based on food & exercise.  Chemical assistance is most certainly involved…

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