You Go to War With the Twitter You Have: Rumsfeld Cancels NYT Subscription Over Krugman Post

”...and that includes the Sunday Book Review, too, you effete bastards!”

Rummy kept reading after the NYT scrammed Judith Miller and published Joe Wilson’s piece on yellowcake from Niger. He even kept walking out to the front porch after they vivisected his War on Terror memoir. But I guess Krugman’s 9/11 broadside was a slam too far. And this from a guy who claimed economic sanctions never work.

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They let you tweet from the Hague? Those Euros really are too soft.

Whereas I thought about cancelling it because of them running yet another “OBAMA IS WEAK DEMS WORRIED!!!” piece. Yesterday. Yeah. Great timing for 9/11. Who was president (and FUCKING DEFENSE SECRETARY!!) when the attacks happened? Who made taking Bin Laden out a priority? Honestly, we don’t deserve him.

(I mean “we” in the larger generic American sense. All of us ‘roasters deserve ponies and single-payer and clear skies and dancing girls and cabana boys or whatever we desire.)

That piece made me remember why I once had an intellectual crush on KThug.  Rummy can kiss my flat ass.

At first I thought maybe Krugman was wrong about wingnuts knowing in their hearts that they poisoned the memory of 9/11. Their reaction indicates maybe he touched a nerve…

I like this story because it reminds me of a day when Liberals were actually fighting the Bad Guys, instead of lighting their own farts and calling it “principle.”

What’s new? When you don’t like reality, just unsubscribe.

My bet is that he had already dropped his subscription, years ago. That’s just an unknown I know I don’t know, but still.

The Kakutani review was gloriously brutal, but she did find one accuracy in Rumsfeld’s memoir, Am I Being Served? to whit:

Rummy on John McCain:

a man with a hair-trigger temper and a propensity to fashion and shift his positions to appeal to the media.

So much better when they’re pissing into their own tent.

Hard to believe he didn’t cancel his subscription back when the treasonous Travel section was telling jihadist Islamican terrorists the top-secret location of his summer house.

The obligatory reprise of William F. Buckley’s response to a letter demanding that Buckley cancel his National Review subscription:

Cancel your own damned subscription.

“And this from a guy who claimed economic sanctions never work.”

Hahahahaha! You made my day.

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