You Gringos Just Don’t Understand

Willard Romney (seen here in his triumphant Florida face-off with Newt Gingrich) came up the hard way~~Papacito was born in Mexico, for Moroni’s sake, and left young Willard nothing, nothing save his good name. Well, the given name Willard lies about, anyway. But let’s not scoff at the scope of Willard’s achievement: his propensity for lying was something Willard had to develop all on his own. Jobs, ads,healthcare, there is no lie too big~~grandiose, if you will~~nor too small for Willard.

But we dast not judge this child of La Raza too harshly; after all, he is probably a little light-headed, paying 50% taxes as he does.

Posted by Mrs. Polly on 01/27/12 at 09:54 PM • Permalink

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I was wondering why the debate started with one five minute long shot, done from a crane on the back of a truck.

GOP debates. Talk about your touch of evil!

Charton Heston sure flip-flopped on that Mexican accent…at least through the first act if I recall. Then he abandoned it altogether. Kinda like someone did with their principles.

There’s only one breadwinner in Romney’s entire family…his millions.

So I’m guessing his millions have complained that if they paid less taxes they could retire and hire a bunch of smaller bills to do the work.

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