You May Now Kiss the Promiscuous Harridan Who Calls Herself Your Wife

Happy European about-to-be-weds get totally punked by smack-talking Muslim jag-offs who seem to hate them for a lot of reasons that don’t have anything to do with Freedom.

Subtitles begin at :43. Be patient.

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They should totally get a refund. And if the person officiating ever visits the US, I hope he gets stuck on an elevator with Pam Geller.

How do the others guys keep from cracking up?

How do the others guys keep from cracking up?

I guess the same way Hope and Crosby did it when they ran this same double-talk scam in the old “Road” movies. Or was that The Bowery Boys?

Well, this’ll help!


Last night, both Gubernatorial (perhaps that should be Goobernatorial) candidates debating in Oklahoma supported a resolution banning Sharia law. IN OKLAHOMA.

That last link is for veracity, not following, unless you really want some extra impetus to pop a cyanide capsule.

OK, I feel bad for the couple, but to ask for your vows to be renewed in a ceremony conducted in a foreign, scenic country by an officiant who doesn’t speak your language—that seems both a little condescending and fraught with danger, like getting the Chinese word for soup tattooed on your right buttock.

Swiss Miss Bliss Nix.

that seems both a little condescending and fraught with danger

Thank goodness they asked that local teenager who had been walking by on the beach if he’d please use their video camera to record them exchanging their vows.


WEDDING TRASHERS: Townie Clowns’ Vow Revenge

@Comrade Mary—This Guardian writer agrees with you.

like getting the Chinese word for soup tattooed on your right buttock

Look, “so chunky you have to eat it with a fork” was out of my price-range, okay?

Meanwhile, back in the (apparently) tourism-dependent Maldives, there have been consequences, as the following articles from The Maldives’ Minivan News suggests:

Early Minivan article on the You-Tube video: 

Foreign couple mocked as “infidels” and “swine” throughout resort’s ‘wedding ceremony’

The blowback, Maldives-style:

Sun Travels to compensate couple while police investigate ‘wedding ceremony’ video

Police arrest ‘celebrant’ as President expresses disgust over false wedding ceremony

Big news there, where apparently resorts charge big money for “renewal of vows” - a service that is in a gray area (at best) under Islamic-based Maldive law - but seem to not pay their service-providing staff enough to play along faithfully.

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