Your Bowers Are Useless Against Me

I told a concern troll in the comments here a few months ago:

“I’ll never be your Chris Bowers.”

I never imagined having to tell that to ... Chris Bowers.

I’d try to explain to Bowers why Tom Hilton, Thers and I wrote what we did, but since he got a case of the vapors over our relatively mild and innocuous “chastisements” (yes, he really used that word), I think I’ll take a pass and just giggle about how much I’d love to see him fronting Blind Melon (they have immediate needs!).

I’d “ground that in specifics” if I could, but I honestly can’t. Instead I’ll do my damnedest to help build a “More Mature and Responsible Progressive Blogosphere” by posting the free Clip-Art DANCING LEPRECHAUN!


Posted by Kevin K. on 11/13/08 at 02:03 PM • Permalink

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Wow, Chris takes himself pretty seriously doesn’t he?  The comments are hysterical too and pretty much unravel his whole theme.

I saw some stomping elves on a post somewhere and now really wish I had grabbed them.

How do you distinguish the right or left bower (or any other card in the deck) from Harriet Christian, who refused to vote for an “inadequate black man”?

What you said, Kevin. 

Also, he totally misuses the word ‘vagaries’.

Dude - called out by Bowers!  You’ve entered the big time.


The Blind Melon line is pretty damn funny.

marin—These are not the gnomes you’re looking for.!

These are not the gnomes you’re looking for.!

That is some funny, funny shit. BTW, vastleft, who is a bugfucker, is still spinning away in that thread. I’m curious as to how mocking the press for referring to the election of America’s first African-American president as “historic” somehow falls under the category of responsible progressive self-reflection. Can someone help me out with that? Or should I just request that the vastleft, who is a bugfucker, change his alias to vastmalkin?

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