Your Daily Biscuit


Rough one last night.  Biscuit had her first visitors, Auntie Amy & Uncle Rob. And one too many Blue Point Hoptical Illusions.


The “arty” shot.  Biscuit last night on Amy’s lap looking up through the table in the garden.

BONUS FOOD PRĂ˜N: We made grilled shrimp and pesto pizza last night. Swapped out straight basil for the cilantro & parsley (though we’ve made it that way before and it’s very good) since that’s what we had in the garden, kicked it up the amount of basil used (too oily if you don’t) and added some crushed red pepper. Totally cheated on the dough by buying it for $3 at a local pizzeria. You’d be amazed at how wonderful pizza on a grill can taste.

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Oh my gosh, she’s so cute! 

Minus points for buying pizza dough. ;-)

We’re in the same boat this morning. Agave margaritas. Biscuit is very, very cute.

Wook at doz gweat big eahs. Aw.

She has already mastered the “Yeah, what you lookin’ at?!” look, I see. : )

On the subject of food, the spouse made a heavenly cauliflower soup last night, which we sucked down with some homemade garlic bread the kid made. Yum yum.

The second night we had our cat she jumped into bed around midnight with a dead mouse hanging out of her mouth.

It was a cute homecoming gift I guess.

Bisuit is very cute, btw.

Hey, the Google Ads sidebar has a link to “Biscuit Recipes.”  Don’t do it!  She’s too cute to eat!

Sure, Biscuit is cute. But don’t get Biscuit wet. Don’t feed Biscuit after midnight. Do not taunt Biscuit. Do not put Biscuit in the sleep chamber next to you when you jettison your escape pod from the Starship Nostromo. 

Biscuit should only be allowed to roam the apartment freely if you have a floor-troll in the baby’s room, or if Biscuit turns into Nastassja Kinksi at sunrise.

I’ve seen all the movies. I know these things.

As in that first photo, when cats do that little pink tongue sticking out, my kids and I go, “AWWWWW!” It’s the cutest thing ever.

Next to when they wash their faces with their paws. Awwwww!

Hoptical Illusions sounds like an act that would do well on America’s Got Cuteness.

Lovely chiaroscugro in that second pic—It’s like Man With A Golden Helmet, but adorable!

A friend of mine calls the pink kitty tongue “lox.” So we’ve got a shot of Biscuit with lox! (A very cute recipe indeed!)

I’m serious, dude. Unpacking a “cute little kitten” and accepting it into your home is like idly running your index finger in lazy circles on the flat face of a Hellraiser Box.

You will be sucked in forever. And may God have mercy on your soul when this tiny, buzzing infiltrator reveals the giant, owl-eyed, attitude-projecting, shrimp-sucking, canned-white-breast-demanding, Albacore-tuna-absorbing, bed-hogging Beast Within.

I swear, man. God made kittens cute for the same reason he gave women wicked, pointy dress heels and flat tires. DON’T SUCCUMB!

“chiaroscuro.” Dear oh dear.

Strange: “Hellraiser Box?”

Persian? Pug?

Pointy heels?

I love Biscuit. Too, too cute.

Just wait, I’m telling you.

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