Your DIY 2011 Roundup

Just about every media outlet is running its own roundup of the events of 2011. I’d like to try something different (and, obviously, be somewhat lazy), and throw it open to you, our lovely Rumproast community, to spare a little time from your preparations for seeing in the New Year (“when it comes,” as they always say here in still-superstitious and never presumptious Scotland) to sift out the notable events, happy and sad, hilarious and tragic, conclusive and ongoing, that you consider most significant.

To kick us off, on the media front, I’d have to rank the continuing revelations and recriminations of the phone hacking and associated scandals involving Rupert Murdoch’s News International as a development that was long in coming and gleefully enjoyed, coupled with Fox News’s sharp decline in ratings and the Tea Party-humping residual shitstorm that is currently engulfing the GOP.

In terms of international politics, the fall and demise of Gaddafi is obviously among the most notable events, along with that of Osama bin Laden, against the background of international economic and social turmoil.

Breitbartocalypse and the predicted tidal wave of wingnutry that would sweep all before it have apparently been postponed, though there are still a few hours left yet, so I’ll hang off on declaring that a bust.

On a personal note, I couldn’t round up 2011 without wishing that StrangeAppar8us was able to share his own views with us at this moment, and the sad events that saw him facing a long, but not hopeless, road to recovery have obviously overshadowed the closing of the year. I wish him—as I wish you, our visitors and commenters, and not least my co-bloggers—a Happy New Year when it comes. An interesting 2012 is more or less assured. Let’s hope it’s a happier one for us all.

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And a Very Happy New Year to you, YAFB, and all the Roasters both posters and comment-toasters. I imagine 2012 has arrived in Britain by now!

You’ve hit some of the biggies, for sure, with your review. I’d like to add the official end of the Iraq war (and massive annoyance with the media silence about it after the yahooing and deafening farts that accompanied the beginning of that tragic, benighted horror.)

I’m keeping it positive tonight, so here is what is on my Good News in 2011 list:

Goodbye to all DADT.

New York legalizing same-sex marriage.

Illinois (my state) recognizing same-sex civil unions—not full marriage rights, but a darn good step.

Governor Quinn of Illinois also signing a bill banning the death penalty in the state. (And in fairness, Quinn was continuing a project started under the now-imprisoned former governor George Ryan. The OTHER disgraced former governor, that is. The Republican one. Not the one with the crazy hair. Do try to keep up.)

The new EPA standards that, for the first time, regulate mercury emissions.

Signs that the PPACA is actually delivering on its promises.

I could do a long bitch-list, but that’s what every other damn night of the year is for.

Happy Hogmanay, YAFB! And to all a good (safe, happy, healthy) 2012!

I had a really shitty year.  Actually it was shitty until May, looked to be going well and then more shit was heaped upon me.  And now I’m sorta balancing the shit stuff with the good stuff that is keeping me sane. 

My daughter went blind for a week with Keratitis a couple of weeks (I think, ‘twas a blur of worry) before Strange had his whatever it was that made him blind and it’s awful thinking of how are you going to keep an artistic person (my daughter and I’ve always had that impression of Strange but I could be wrong) part of that world when they can’t see any more.  She complained about how loud the world was during that week…amazing how quickly the other senses take over.  And our library had no braille books so she couldn’t learn a new skill.  We did however find out our toilet is really loud. 

And I wish you could’ve seen her bouncing around to Good Feeling by Flo Rida with her eyes wrapped up.  The slightest bit of light caused her pain and there she is dancing on her bed acting like everything will be okay.  It was awesome.

Then my ex (of ten years) took this as a cue to take my son away from me ‘cos I asked him to take care of our son so he didn’t catch it too (viral) and background…daughter had been kicked out of his house - we share cared- by the step mom, then he’s stunned and amazed daughter didn’t want to go back there any more pays more attention then he’s ever done in his life to his son to bribe her to see him again and thinks the best way to do this is to split the best brother and sister team in the universe up…it’s a shit fest and it sucks.

But 2012?  Me and daughter (son doesn’t want to know us any more because they’re practising Parental Alienation and Sister Alienation it seems) aren’t going to let you beat us.  Unless the world ends in December of course.  Then we’ll just give you the finger on the way out.

Much love to Strange, whomever knows him please pass that on. 

Happy 2012, all of you guys. xo

Damn, Rebecca. 2012 has got to be an improvement, I’m thinking. But the image of your daughter dancing on her bed really is awesome.

Yes, Strange is an artist. Besides his glorious writing, he did video production, photography, and all manner of splendid things. He illustrated so many of his Rumproast pieces with exquisitely bizarre photoshops, each one with its own history of painstakingly achieved special effects that only Donnie of “You Suck At Photoshop” could appreciate. It is a terrible loss, but how to channel that stream of creativity is a project I hope will be of some interest to him.

We will definitely send him your love, as we have been doing with all the wonderful comments you great people have left for him. A better year to you, Rebecca, and YAFB, and all. xo right back.

An interesting 2012 is more or less assured.

(hands on hips, comically accusatory) Ancient Chinese curse, huh?

Mrs Polly, my daughter was bummed (teenage word, it mean more than it looks) about Strange as I’d shown her posts of his for years (I guess) since Obama made President and Strange cracked her up (that’s good).

She was even more hacked off we never got to get her a book on braille when she found out he was blind.  A shame friendship bracelets aren’t in braille she can do about five an hour.  And she’s made a 5mm wide origami crane only to find out the world record is 2mm with the aid of tweezers and a magnifying glass (she got hosed on this I feel and I’m not a general ‘my child is the best dammit!!!’ in fact my children have constantly complained that I’m not like that).

She failed her Social Studies exam as it was about NZ politics and they’d never been taught that all year (she said ‘if they’d asked me about American politics I would’ve known something and not nothing’) and the thing that made us feel better is the teacher said ‘you are correct, I never taught it to you’ (OMG an all that), and only two people in her class passed (‘Guess I’ll be seeing you all next year!’).  You gotta laugh, innit?

And talking of laughing I’m gonna keep up with Sarah Palin (although it kills me) on Strange’s behalf.  You don’t realise what you got etc etc.

Rumproast, this is the greatest blog I ever found.  I don’t do blogs.  I don’t do people in general.  What I love about you guys is you can discuss the good and the bad of whom you support.  You never thought Obama was the Messiah (okay..I only saw that from Conservatives but they’ll never admit to that).  I’m going to watch Life Of Brian in your honour tonight.  Have a great 2012!

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