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Michelle Malkin was on TODAY this morning complaining about Barack Obama “shoot[ing] his mouth off” (savor the sweet, sweet irony) and calling him a “racial opportunist.” You can watch it here if you want, but these two images sum it up her interview with Matt Lauer just as well and will save you from asking for four minutes of your life back.

Here’s the blurb on the TODAY show’s front page:

Feed Me Hate

And this is the frame the online video ends with:

Michelle Malkin Looks Pretty!

If you could bottle sunshine, Michelle Malkin would be right behind you with a sledgehammer.

Posted by Kevin K. on 07/29/09 at 08:18 AM • Permalink

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I had hoped she was off the radar for the mainstream shows after her fallout with Fox, but apparently not. She’s the poster girl for spite.

Thanks a pantload, Kevin. Luckily it’s not morning here, but Malkin at any time of day is more than a sensitive soul should be expected to take.

To dispense with the obvious first, the opportunist in this case is clearly Malkin, who’s made a career of it and nothing else. She adds nothing of worth to any debate she engages in.

Less obviously, given some of the discrepancies between Crowley’s account of the incident, Gates’s, the woman who reported the incident’s take on things, and the 911 call recording (partially covered here), “stupidly” seems a lenient adverb to apply to the situation.

As it stands, it looks like Obama, Gates, the police department, the Cambridge City administration, and hopefully Crowley himself, seem intent on turning this into learning experience. Malkin’s got no interest in that - the paychecks would dry up.

I do not know why Lauer let her spout such verbal diarrhea unchallenged. Seriously. Say stuff like that if you must, but there should be someone there going, “Do you have proof?”

It’s so easy for the Malkins of this world to do what they do, because they cowardly go after public officials - with no risk of being sued for slander or libel.

They must really be hard up for guests if they’re booking people like Malkin.  I did think they did a good job of editing out the flying spittle.

I watched the video this morning and let it set all day to see what my brain would do with it.  I honestly can’t remember a thing she said.

“racial opportunist” must be the modern day equivalent of uppity, eh?

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