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The utterly fearless Allan Brauer (he would jump into a cage with a lion)  vs. loathsome douchebag Mark Krikorian: Assimilate this!

Posted by Kevin K. on 05/29/09 at 08:10 AM • Permalink

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Thanks, Kevin.

I sent Kriwhatever a link to the published diary, and this afternoon I heard back from him about it.  Stand by, as the conversation continues… I will say that for a man who holds loathsome douchebaggy ideas, he’s remarkably civil in his personal communications with me.

he’s remarkably civil in his personal communications with me.

That is interesting.  Maybe the loathsome douchebaggy ideas are purely cynical constructs to promote his blog.

In which case he would be a totally loathsome douchebag on that basis alone.

That’s Mark Crackwhorean, which is much more American-sounding.  Or maybe just Crackwhore.

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