Thursday, October 04, 2007

Get your Beefheart on

Captain Beefheart

Egg City Radio has just concluded an incredible series of Captain Beefheart posts that are stuffed with free downloads of live recordings and rarities.  If you love Beefheart, you should grab ‘em all (or the ones you don’t already have). If you don’t love Beefheart, what’s fucking wrong with you? You should immediately fix that problem by downloading the stellar (and out-of-print) I’m Going To Do What I Wanna Do: Live At My Father’s Place, 1978 that Rhino’s Handmade label released in 2000.

Now get going.  All of you.

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Why I Love Living in Brooklyn #3: La Strada


The first time I saw La Strada perform, they didn’t have a name yet and they were playing in the bowels of the NYC subway system.  They completely blew me away even though the most “electric” instrument they were playing was a little toy xylophone.  They have since moved on and have done the incredibly smart thing of getting a name and the even smarter thing of laying down three of their tracks. They are nothing short of amazing (imagine if Beirut knew how to be be joyous instead of melodramatic) and two rank among the best songs of ‘07 (“The Sun Song” & “Mama”—the song I saw them perform next to the tracks of the G train).  If you were smart (and I know that you are), you’d head over to MySpace right now and download those three “demo” tracks while La Strada is still graciously giving ‘em away. And if you were even smarter, you’d go check out Brooklyn’s “next big thing” at one of their three upcoming local shows while you can still get in the door.

Oct 4 2007 (10:00PM) Luna Lounge
Oct 10 2007 (8:30PM) Union Hall
Oct 13 2007 (8:00PM) Sound Fix Records (free show)

MORE: Weird.  As it turns out, rockin’ Robin posted about La Strada yesterday.  Since I’m no longer burdened with the horrible, horrible G train, I had no idea they were still playing that line.  Robin’s got a nice recording of them doing a new (?) song “Shapes In the Sky.”

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Why I Love Living in Brooklyn #2: The Mountain Goats & Bowerbirds

The Bowerbirds

The Mountain Goats & Bowerbirds show at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC sold out a while ago, but you can still catch this great two-fer tonight (Tuesday, 10/2) at Greenpoint’s Studio B. The Mountain Goats always put on a fine show.  John Darnielle is one of the most inspiring and engaging indie rockers working the circuit these days and watching his bordering-on-cult-like fans quietly mouth along with every one of his lyrics is something to behold.  The Bowerbirds released the drop dead gorgeous Hymns for a Dark Horse this year (without a doubt one of the best releases of ‘07) and since they live out in the woods in a trailer without electricity, they’ll probably get all excited about seeing the sparkly lights and rock the fuck out. Or, at least, put on a really good show. And if you can’t make the show tonight, you can catch the Bowerbirds (sans the Mountain Goats but not serif) for FREE at Sound Fix records in Williamsburg tomorrow (Wednesday, 10/3).

Bowerbirds Interview: Stereogum
Mountain Goats & Bowerbirds Live Photos: Pitchfork
Listen: The Mountain Goats & Bowerbirds


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Friday, September 28, 2007

Tom Waits on Fernwood 2 Night

Here’s a television classic featuring Tom Waits on the most grossly underrated sitcom of all time, Fernwood 2 Tonight.  The show was a spin-off of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman and starred Martin Mull and Fred Willard. The original air date of this clip was 8/1/1977 and it features Waits performing “The Piano Has Been Drinking.”

If you liked this, I’ll be running a series of Fernwood 2 Tonight videos this weekend.  Come on back.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Swaziland Likwindla Festival


If you love African music, there’s no better mp3 blog to camp down in than Matsuli Music. Right now they’ve got a limited download available of a long-out-of-print ‘77 comp called Swaziland Likwindla Festival featuring four little known acts from South Africa (though Duma sounds suspiciously like the late great deep-throated vocalist Mahlathini). It’s a vinyl rip and a tad scratchy (almost in a good way ... trust me), but it’s an absolute treasure and you should grab it before it’s gone



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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bo Diddley doesn’t like you but you love Bo

Bo Diddley’s messy semi-funk experiment The Black Gladiator was released back in ‘69 and it’s a fun-as-shit, organ-ized groove from the first track (the crunchy blues chug “Elephant Man”) to the last (the ultra-bizarre duet “I Don’t Like You”—I have no idea what Bo was thinking when he laid down the track, but I love it). It hasn’t been released on CD until this year, but it’ll cost you $40 as an import. If I were you, I’d head over to Egg City Radio and download the perfectly fine vinyl rip they’re handing out for free.

And as an added bonus, check out this pic of Bo buckled into a ... well, jeebus fuck, I don’t know diddley about what it is.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Why I Love Living in Brooklyn #1

I can go to things like the Brooklyn Botanical Garden’s Chile Pepper Fiesta on Sunday, September 30th, if, ya know, I didn’t already have plans that day.  But I sure as hell would go if I were you because chile peppers fucking rule the world (unless they’re “Red Hot” and named Anthony) and, jesus christ, look at the size of the pots of chili in this video. I’d swim deeply through that shit if my eyeballs wouldn’t burn out of my head.

And, fortunately, I don’t have any plans this Sunday, so I can go check out the Budos Band (“the un-heralded emperors of Instrumental Staten Island Afro-Soul” proclaims their label, hopefully with tongue severing cheek) & Cibo Matto’s Miho Hatori laying down some thick grooves by the Gowanus Canal at the Starry Eyed Festival. And, no, for the record, I wouldn’t swim deeply through the Gowanus Canal. I’m a big fan of my appendages. (via FREEpigfucker)

The Budos Band—“Chicago Falcon” (The Budos Band II —2007)

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And this week’s nominee for Worst.Band.Name.Ever is…

...Let’s Eppelin. I shit you not: Let’s Eppelin.

And to make it even worse, they suck and they’re from Finland.

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