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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Quote of the (Yester)Day

Joe Biden on Rudy Giuliani:

“There’s only three things he mentions in a sentence: a noun and a verb and 9/11.”


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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

If Hillary is cold, Rudy is freezer-burned

I’m no big fan of Hillary Clinton, but the results of this Forbes poll are pretty ridiculous:

Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., remains the presidential candidate percieved as coldest among both Democrats and Republicans—and by a wide margin, according to the October edition of the Forbes ‘08 Tracker poll. But since July, she has managed to trim three points from her frostiness quotient.

Some 25% of voting-age Americans polled in the latest survey named “coldness” as an attribute of Clinton’s, ranking her five times frostier than her principal Democratic opponent, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, who just 5% of those polled considered cold. He is followed closely by Republican Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas, who 6% labeled as cold.

Neither Forbes.com nor ePoll, the California market research company conducting the polling, defines any of the 46 attributes on which it polls its sample population. These are the same traits it has used to select high-level spokespeople for its own advertising campaigns for more than a decade.


In some cases, candidates who have put substantial effort into polishing their image have gotten results. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is considered “cold” by 7% of those polled, while Fred Thompson, who spent five years as the gruff but homespun Manhattan district attorney on Law & Order is rated as cold by 8%.

Clinton is nearly 4x “colder” than Giuliani?  Are we talking about the same rude, arrogant and egomaniacal mayor I lived with for eight years?  The same married scumbag who fazed out one mistress to pony up, very publicly, with another one?  The same heartless bastard who let his wife know he wanted a separation during a press conference? The same loathsome douchebag who alienated nearly every black citizen of New York City during his tenure?  The same fuckhead who has been shamelessly dry humping the memories of 9/11 and layering on THE FEAR for personal gain?  That dude is nearly 4x less cold than Hillary?

Wait until America finds out what we New Yorkers know.  I can’t wait.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Evil Imp

I know I already posted about Rudy today, but, sweet jeebus, now he wants to resurrect the “Evil Empire” shtick and adhere it to China:

While praising Reagan’s blunt description of the Soviet Union as an “evil empire,” Giuliani went out of his way to note that “Communist China” deserved the same epithet.

The man who was sitting immediately to Giuliani’s left as he said this -– Sheldon Adelson, a major fund-raiser who sits on the RJC’s board and who minutes earlier had given a flattering introduction to Giuliani—was someone who’d would probably be happy to stay as far from China-bashing as he could at the moment.

When Adelson is not collecting checks for Giuliani, he’s CEO of the Las Vegas Sands, which this summer opened two casinos in Macau, including the world’s largest, the Venetian. Perhaps the biggest hurdle facing casino operators in Macau, a special administrative region of China, is ensuring that Beijing relaxes restrictions on the movement of gamblers (and their money) from the mainland.

And congrats to Barack Obama for bitch-slapping Rudy back:

Speaking at the Republican Jewish Coalition in Washington, D.C., Giuliani criticized Obama’s willingness to meet with enemies of the current Bush Administration—including Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Cuba’s Fidel Castro. Obama has justified reaching out to such leaders by referencing former president Ronald Reagan’s past negotiations with Soviet leaders during the Cold War.

“I say this most respectfully,” Giuliani said. “You’re not Ronald Reagan.”

Obama spokesman Bill Burton shot back, releasing a statement saying, “While Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton do not think we should engage in the type of strong diplomacy practiced by Ronald Reagan and John Kennedy, Obama does. And given the hefty fee that Hugo Chavez’s oil company paid Rudy Giuliani’s firm, he apparently thinks we shouldn’t talk to Chavez, but it’s fine to take his money.”

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When the lion has been clubbed senseless with the lamb

From Talking Points Memo (via Lawyers, Guns & Money):

I know I’ve said before that Romney’s profound and almost incalculable phoniness is a terrifying prospect to behold in a possible president. But the danger of phoniness, aesthetic or otherwise, cannot hold a candle to the truly catastrophic foreign policy Giuliani would likely pursue if he got anywhere near the Oval Office. Watching him campaign it’s pretty clear that the guy has no real sense that posturing and pandering to ethnic paranoia in New York City simply isn’t the same as running a national foreign policy. The people he’s coalescing around himself as his foreign policy advisors are the ones who are going to help him learn as he goes. And they are simply the most dangerous, deranged and deluded folks you can find in American political and foreign policy circles today. It’s really not an exaggeration. Scrape the bottom of the “Global War on Terror” Islamofascism nutbasket and you find they’ve pretty much all signed on as Rudy advisors.

And LG&M links to an article called “Giuliani’s War Cabinet” from The American Prospect that provides a good overview of Rudy’s potentially disastrous foreign policy team and highlights a spot-on quote from Jim Henley:

You will not enjoy a day of peace so long as Rudy has anything to say about it. Peace is something we will “achieve” in the distant future when the lion has been clubbed senseless with the lamb.

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Sunday Selector

Renaldo & the Loaf—“Songs For Swinging Larvae”

  • STOP PICKING ON THE WARMONGER: Poor little Norman “Bomb Iran” Podhoretz, Giuliani’s Senior Foreign Policy Advisor, had his ex-neighbors light a bag of dog poop on his doorstep. More here.
  • SUBHEMIANS: Our pal Rob from FREEblowjobs has a new, very funny piece up at Neil Pollack’s Offsprung.
  • FARTING WITH LUV: While you’re at Rob’s place, check out this bizarre music “video” he found.  And here’s an off-the-hook “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century” mash-up we found that incorporates some of that video, along with footage of the amazing John Daker.
  • MY NAME IS JOHN DAKER: Speaking of John Daker, here’s a Daker remix that entertained us because we’re functionally retarded.
  • GORED: TBogg, who has been on fire lately, perfectly skewers the nutters’ obsession with demonizing Al Gore in two simple paragraphs.
  • DOWD AND OUT: Stephen Colbert does a guest editorial in Maureen Dowd’s spot while she follows John Edwards around looking for cum jokes to tumble out of his pockets.
  • PELOSI’S STUPIDITY: Yes, I’m a lefty but, first and foremost, I’m a realist.  For that reason, I agree with Condi Rice and John Boehner (yes, you read that right) regarding the Congressional resolution that’s pissing off Turkey.  If Turkey invades northern Iraq, the Democrats are going to pay dearly for this, regardless of how much the DOD would be way more responsible for looking the other way when it came to the PKK. What a fucking mess. More here (2nd link via Eschaton).
  • CHALK ONE UP FOR MY SILLY NEIGHBORHOOD: “A 6-year-old Park Slope girl is facing a $300 fine from the city for doing what city kids have been doing for decades: drawing a pretty picture with common sidewalk chalk.”

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Rudy’s Neoconjob

We are so fucked if Rudy Giuliani is elected president. Don’t think it’s too crazy of an idea to have the eternally wrongheaded and repellent Richard Perle serve as our next Secretary of Defense.

From Newsweek:

Neocons can’t help but slink around Washington, D.C. The Iraq War has given the neoconservatives—who favor the assertive use of American power abroad to spread American values—something of a bad name, and several of the Republican candidates seem less than eager to hire them as advisers. But Rudy Giuliani apparently never got that memo.

Read the whole thing.

And, after this article came out, Rudy added even more neocons to his foreign policy team, including the extremely creepy Michael Rubin and David “Axis of Evil” Frum.

MORE: Rudy’s Right Hands

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Monday, October 08, 2007

Tin-Ear Thompson

Okay, it’s bad enough that Fred Thompson picked Liz “My Dad Molded Me Out of Hell Tar” Cheney as one of the co-chairs of his presidential campaign (aka “National Campaign Leadership Team”),  but he’s picked another co-chair who proves that The Late Slight Hope and his supporters can’t see much of anything past the garbage-strewn borders of Baseland.

Who is it?

Answer below the fold. (Or click through to TPM).



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Friday, October 05, 2007

Wide Stance in 08’

As you may have heard, the new logo for the Republican National Convention was revealed Wednesday.  Here’s my take on it:

Republican National Convention -- Wide Stance in 2008

Suck it, Malkin.


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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Quote of the day

From Tim F. at Balloon Juice:

A Giuliani nomination win would cement the GOP’s place as a catchbasin for islamophobic security freaks, basically a militia movement minus greasepaint.

Posted by Kevin K. on 10/04/07 at 01:27 PM
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The Republicans’ late slight hope

At a Fred Thompson “rally” in Iowa a supporter shows his appreciation by repeatedly yawning (left) and a large stuffed animal is so disinterested that it decides to flip around and dry hump the chair that it’s sitting on.

Good christ, what a dud:

Twenty-four minutes after he began speaking in a small restaurant the other day, Fred D. Thompson brought his remarks to a close with a nod of his head and an expression of thanks to Iowans for allowing him to “give my thoughts about some things.”

Then he stood face to face with a silent audience.

“Can I have a round of applause?” Mr. Thompson said, drawing a rustle of clapping and some laughter.

“Well, I had to drag that out of you,” he said.

Still, Mr. Thompson at times seems to be looking for his sea legs. In an interview with Kay Henderson of Radio Iowa on Wednesday, in talking about Iran, he referred to the “Soviet Union and China.” (Ms. Henderson, at the end of her blog post on the exchange, wrote: “No, I did not mistype. Thompson said Soviet Union rather than Russia.”)

I was admittedly slightly worried about a Thompson candidacy when news about his potential presidential run first surfaced, but now it looks like this dull-witted wingnut sloth couldn’t even beat a parking ticket ... or Mike Gravel.

More on the late slight hope here, here and here.

And if you want a hoot (I couldn’t stop laughing), go check out The Fred Thompson Forum, which pretty much proves that Ron Paul supporters are the funniest (and oddest) backers working the intertubes during this primary season.  My fave posters over there are “Ted Kaczynski” and “itsaDoocy.” Here are a few quick highlights:

Fred is an intellectual:
“I recently heard on Fox news that Thompson supports a curfew of 1 AM for all people living in areas that are reported as potential targets of terrorists. I’m not sure how I feel about this, I am scared shitless of the arabs…. but i like to go out drinking until 2 AM some nights. I guess sometimes you have to sacrifice certain things for patriotism though. What do u guys think? I’m still really up in the air on this one.”

“1 Am is a small price to pay for Safety. Id much rather go to sleep at 1 Am then have to fight terrorists over here.”

FullFredAhead (excerpted):
Little know facts about Fred for all of you patriots.

-Fred once saved a mans life by killing him.

-Fred once helped a woman give birth at 40000 feet on an airplane. Only it was a dog in his shed.

-Fred has never once played with a doll.

-Fred can sit so still on a couch you would think he was dead.

-Fred beat Chuck Norris in an Arm-wraslin match. Chuck was so upset by the loss he kicked Freds dog. Now that dog don’t hunt.

-Freds bones are coated in Adamantium.

-Fred was travelling accross the atlantic and had to take the worst crap in his life. He leaned his butt over board and dropped a duece so large that when it hit the sea floor is caused a catastophic earth quake. Thats how the Mariannas trench was formed.

-Fred is twice the man Guiliani is and half the man he used to be.

Just poke around and you’ll find plenty of twisted guffaws in there.  I couldn’t find the post, but I loved the one that referred to “Giuliani shaking down penguins in Antarctica.” Now I have to decide who I’m going to sign up as. Please leave suggestions in the comments.

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Noble Knight of Nineelevenstan Strikes Again

Oh, good christ, if this fucking ghoul milked it anymore the cow would be udder-less:

“... And my personal view of it is I need God’s help for everything, and I probably feel that the most when I’m in crisis and under pressure, like Sept. 11, when I was dealing with prostate cancer, or (when) I’m trying to explain death to people, which unfortunately I’ve had to do so often.” [...]

Giuliani also addressed a cell phone call he took from his wife, Judith, last week during his speech to the National Rifle Association, an important appearance because Giuliani clashed with the group when he argued for tougher gun control as mayor of New York.

“And quite honestly, since Sept. 11, most of the time when we get on a plane, we talk to each other and just reaffirm the fact that we love each other,” he said.

“Sometimes if I’m in the middle of a very, very sensitive meeting, I don’t take the call right then; I wait. But I thought it would be kind of nice if I took it at that point, and I’d done that before in engagements, and I didn’t realize it would create any kind of controversy,” he said.

He really should just have two guys dressed up as the smoking World Trade Center towers follow him around everywhere.  It wouldn’t be much more tasteless than spitting out the date like it’s a Tourette’s syndrome tic.

(via Eschaton—image found at blacksundae)

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Friday, September 28, 2007

They kinda almost like me, they really kinda almost like me

Here are some fun poll numbers to watch, Rasmussen’s favorable/unfavorable ratings for the 2008 presidential candidates.  For all of the talk about how Hillary is pure poison, her numbers don’t look that bad compared to the Republicans (and her fellow Dems).  And anyone who thinks that meathead Fred Thompson is going to win over the electorate with his mush-mouthed, everyman shtick is in for a bit of a shock.

Democratic ratings · Republican ratings

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ding-a-lings for the Noble Knight of Nineelevenstan

Rudy Giuliani now:

The New York Republican presidential hopeful was delivering a speech to the National Rifle Association Friday in Washington when his cell phone began to ring. He was in the middle of discussing the importance of the 2nd amendment.

“Let’s see now, this is my wife calling, I think,” he said as he answered the phone.

“Hello dear, I am talking to the members of the NRA right now, would you like to say hello?,” he asked, as the crowd sat mostly silent.

She apparently did not.

“I love you and I will give you a call when I am finished, OK,” he said, trying to wrap up the call. “Have a safe trip, talk to you later dear I love you.”

The crowd quietly applauded after he ended the call and Giuliani joked, “It’s a lot better that way. This is one of the great blessings of the modern age, to be always available — maybe it isn’t. I am not sure.”

Rudy Giuliani last year:

In Iowa, Giuliani was up to principle No. 2 (“Follow your hopes and dreams”) when he was interrupted. From down in the audience, just beyond the stage, he heard a cell phone ring. He stopped in the middle of telling a story. “It’s okay, you can answer your cell phone,” he said. “You won’t interrupt me.” The woman whose phone had rung was mortified; he had just embarrassed her in front of 18,000 people.

In the “town hall” meetings he used to conduct as mayor of New York, through a radio show, Giuliani was not known for his good-natured populism. He was known for making fun of constituents who called him with what he thought were petty problems. This is the dark Giuliani, and here he was, making an unwelcome appearance. He shifted to a long digression about the scene in Dr. Strangelove where General Buck Turgidson answers a call in the middle of a crisis and whispers sweet nothings to his girl on the phone, as the nation’s political and military leadership looks on impatiently. “Just tell him you love him so I can go on with my speech,” Giuliani said. No one was laughing. Giuliani actually waited for the woman to hang up. Then, after a painful minute or so, he was back in candidate mode, talking about Vince Lombardi and the mind of a champion.

If you had the “mind of a champion” like The Noble Knight of Nineelevenstan, you’d understand completely how that doesn’t qualify as hypocrisy.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Nothing but change after $9.11

Rudy has been utterly shameless dry-humping the memories of 9/11 for political gain, but this stunt takes the cake:

A supporter of Rudy Giuliani’s is throwing a party that aims to raise $9.11 per person for the Republican’s presidential campaign.

Abraham Sofaer is having a fundraiser at his Palo Alto, Calif., home on Wednesday, when Giuliani backers across the country are participating in the campaign’s national house party night.

But Sofaer said he had nothing to do with the “$9.11 for Rudy” theme.

“There are some young people who came up with it,” Sofaer said when reached by telephone Monday evening. He referred other questions to Giuliani’s campaign.


Giuliani spokeswoman Maria Comella said: “These are two volunteers who acted independently of and without the knowledge of the campaign. Their decision to ask individuals for that amount was an unfortunate choice.”

According to the invitation, “$9.11 for Rudy” is an “independent, non-denominational grass-roots campaign to raise $10,000 in small increments to show how many individual, everyday Americans support ‘America’s Mayor.’”

Yeah, it was the kids’ fault.  He had no idea this was going on in his house. I guess the dog ate his invitation.


Giuliani To Run For President Of 9/11

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