Saturday, December 28, 2013

2014 OH NOES! Parade


Sad news coming to us, today, from the Homo-phobo-sphere, where an outbreak of spontaneously-combusting hair and exploding heads is taking quite a toll.  2013 has been something of an annus horribilis for anti-gay activists who have had their dreams of perpetual hetero-supremacy dashed by Obama’s legions of radical-leftist-activist judges [some of whom were appointed by Dubya and must have “turned”] proclaiming that “equal means equal.”

Up to now, the homophobe reaction has been oddly muted and limited to isolated breath-holding, foot-stomping and refusals to bake cakes or arrange flowers for gay weddings.  But now, the march of deviants has gone “a bridge too far” in their attempt to subvert that iconic celebration of American heterodoxy—The Rose Bowl Parade.

The theme of this year’s Rose Bowl Parade is Dreams Come True and, in keeping with that theme, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation has built a wedding cake shaped float atop which a gay couple will solemnize their wedding vows during the parade.

And, suddenly, A BOYCOTT!! is in order and San Diego community organizer, Karen Grube, tells us why:

Now gay activists want to destroy the Rose Parade by performing a Gay Wedding on one of the floats. I guess that’s what they mean by ‘Dreams Come True’ or is it nightmares?


Gay marriage is illegal in over 30 states, why would they promote something that is blatantly illegal?  That’s just stupid.

Except, well . . . it’s not illegal in your state—the Rose Bowl Parade state—Karen.

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Free Market Giveth, And the Free Market Taketh Away


Thank God it’s Thursday and American Culture has finally spit up a hairball that will effectively distract us all from real problems like expiring unemployment benefits, minimum wage and Republicans newest threat to blow up the global economy if they can’t have their Canadian pipeline.

Evidently the crusty old patriarch of the Duck Dynasty had a few colorful thoughts to share with a GQ interviewer recently (WTFGQ?) on the illogic of being gay and the “good times there are not forgotten” cheerfulness of Louisiana’s black tenant farmers in pre-civil-rights days:

“I never, with my eyes, saw the mistreatment of any black person,” Robertson is quoted in GQ. “Not once. Where we lived was all farmers. The blacks worked for the farmers. I hoed cotton with them. I’m with the blacks, because we’re white trash. We’re going across the field…. They’re singing and happy. I never heard one of them, one black person, say, ‘I tell you what: These doggone white people’—not a word!... Pre-entitlement, pre-welfare, you say: Were they happy? They were godly; they were happy; no one was singing the blues.”

I’m thinking Duck Daddy went to the wrong nightclubs and somehow missed “strange fruit” season on the Bayou. 

Anyway, what he had to say about gays was pretty inflammatory, too, with the usual references to sin, hellfire and bestiality.

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Posted by Bette Noir on 12/19/13 at 04:35 PM

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Sunday, December 01, 2013

Gay Thuggery Ruining Everything For Florida TEA Party


Meet Danita Kilcullen, founder of the TEA Party Fort Lauderdale—America’s Longest Running Tea Party, or so they claim.  Danita calls herself “a natural-born TEA Partier” which appears to be an accurate statement from my perspective.  But, lest my own jaundiced perception of the TEA Party poison the well, so to speak, I offer up several definitions of the TEA Party from the Urban Dictionary which I find to be a fairly apt barometer of contemporary thought on contemporary issues.

To wit:

TEA Party—

1. white trash identity politics, circa 2009-2010. This movement features the isolated and ignorant boldly and proudly acting as vassals for a small group of cynical thieves, like the Koch brothers.

2. another bunch of useful idiots who believe that a government is “small” when it wastes squillions of dollars on wars but lets poor citizens croak instead of helping them with medicare.

3. a wing of the Republican party dedicated to getting Obama out of office, while conveniently living in denial about the abuses of the Bush years and the Wall Street origins of the Great Recession (2007-present).

4. a group of obese, undereducated hicks who worship the 2nd Amendment, think Obama is a Muslim solely because of his name and skin color, call anyone to the left of Hitler a communist and a socialist, and would rather see Americans starve and die in the streets by the millions than see a Democrat in the White House.

Well, there’s lots more but you get the idea and, getting back to “natural-born” TEA-tastic, Danita Kilcullen, there’s plenty of evidence that she embraces all of the above.

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Posted by Bette Noir on 12/01/13 at 12:28 PM

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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

A Tale of Two Gubernatorial Contests

In a night of few surprises, Terry McAuliffe (D) came out on top in his race against VA AG Ken Cuccinelli (R), and NJ Governor Chris Christie (R) easily defended against Democratic challenger Barbara Buono. A lot of ink, virtual and digital, can be spilled over these two contests, but I am going to cover the broad outlines as I see them—

We have one somewhat Democratic win in a state that isn’t necessarily that liberal, and a Republican winning re-election in a reliably blue state that just voted to send Cory Booker (D) to Washington. This is only two contests, and neither of them give us enough information to say there’s a “trend”. Some of the voting/exit polling breakdown fascinates me in VA.

If anything, I think Cuccinelli beat himself because he really is as insulated a conservative as can be found—case in point: the sodomy thing. Seriously? You actually can’t get more socially conservative and panty-sniffing than wanting to patrol bedroom behaviors. Astonishingly, in my book, he still did better than 50% in exit polling with white males. (My personal polling experience with white males has always been very pro-sodomy.)  I note that the Libertarian candidate, Robert Sarvis, did pretty well with the young people—probably Republican-identified voters who are more fiscally conservative, but not interested in Old Testament morality. The Cuccinelli campaign blew it, figuratively speaking. The best nod to Libertarian thought his campaign mustered was having Sen. Rand (You Can Say That Again!) Paul talk to the students at Liberty University, although one has to note that “libertarians” is not the plural of “Liberty University student” and that Paul spoke about eugenics and abortion, managing to miss the libertarian note in favor of reinforcing the idea of Cooch as a reductive reproductive regulator.

I don’t really have much to say about the New Jersey contest, for a handful of reasons, but most probably because I’m not even especially sure there was one? I will note that although Gov. Christie won handily, the same voters also went for increasing the minimum wage—not one of his policies. In this case, I think personality has a lot to do with it, and Barbara Buono, whatever her merits as a politician, failed to land any telling blows to her opponent, possibly out of concern that she might go “too negative”. Christie’s recent blow-up at a teacher was too recent to make any dent in his popularity, although it should have reminded of some of his more prickly moments earlier in his term. Surely, more 2016 talk for Christie will come of this win.

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Friday, September 20, 2013

The Real “L” Word: Hillary Clinton Episode


Forging ever onward on his earthly mission, Bryan Fischer, Dude-of-all-Trades for the American Family Association, has outed Hillary Clinton lest she try to get her hands on the the helm of our rickety ship of state sometime in the near future.

Fischer, who has his very own sheltered workshop on talk radio, made his blockbuster announcement thusly:

“. . . the bottom line is that if Hillary Clinton becomes president in 2016 she will not only be our first female president she could be our first lesbian president.”

The authoritative source for Fischer’s scoop is none other than Gennifer Flowers, award-winning expert on the sex lives of the Clintons, who told a Daily Mail interviewer, [the UK’s National Enquirer wannabe], that the Secretary of Explaining Things told her, his own self, that Hill is bisexual.

[Obviously, Fischer believes that “lesbian” = “bisexual.”  It’s all just one big disgusting orgy.]

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pennsylvania’s Brilliant Peter Pan Argument


Last week, Pennsylvania’s governor, Tom Corbett visited Bucks County, my home county, to preside over the groundbreaking of a Pennsylvania turnpike expansion project, a rare glimmer of positivity in the otherwise abysmal term of Pennsylvania’s Most Awful Governor Ever.  [Corbett’s approval rating hovers consistently in the 20s and he’s scored his own MoveOn resignation petition with close to 3000 signatures which is actually huge in The Meh State.]

Poor Tom should have been popping champagne corks but the damn lamestream media on hand for the festivities were only interested in gay marriage.  Corbett mumbled stuff about “relevance to the event” but reporters insisted on a bigger story.

See, Pennsylvania, and next-door neighbor New Jersey, are the last strongholds in the Northeast, of states sanctioning behavior unbecoming to the Constitution.  New Jersey tried its best to escape that dubious distinction but Governor Christie vetoed the legislature’s marriage equality efforts to beef up his conservative bona fides. 

Pennsylvania doesn’t allow same-sex marriages or same-sex civil unions neither does it recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states. Gay couples in Pennsylvania have no marriage or domestic partnership rights whatsoever.  Not to mention the fact that Pennsylvania is the last state in the Northeast with NO prohibitions against discrimination, hate crimes, or bullying based on sexual orientation.”

Not only can I not marry my partner of 25 years, in my state, I can also be fired for having a picture of my gay family—me, my partner, and my son—on my desk.

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Friday, August 02, 2013

Putin and the Patriarch


Interesting article at Buzzfeed (yes, I know) on why Putin is transforming Russia into a homophobia hub. Putin’s fondness for orchestrating shirtless, macho photo-ops that would be ideal for the cover of a romance novel (if you Photoshopped a more handsome head onto that ripped, well-preserved body) has led to speculation that Putin has latency issues.

But the Buzzfeed article makes a pretty solid case for a more prosaic motivation: Just like a common American wingnut, Putin is leveraging heartland fundamentalism, bigotry and provincialism to improve his political fortunes. Maybe that’s what George W. Bush saw when he famously looked into Putin’s eyes and found a kindred spirit.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Alabama’s Utility Rate Hikes For Christ


A lot of folks have already taken a swat at the following religio-comic-absurdist story and moved on but, as I’m a gay woman of the 21st century, I feel a certain sense of entitlement to get my own licks in when the anti-gay crusaders of the Religious Right make particular fools of themselves.

To wit:

Twinkle Cavanaugh (real name) is the duly elected President of the Alabama Public Services Commission that oversees statewide public utilities.  Twinkle called a hearing to discuss state utility rate structures and asked John Delwin Jordan to testify at that hearing.  It’s unclear to me what qualifies Jordan, a Baptist minister and President of the Prattville (real name) TEA Party, to address utility rate structures but, then, lots of things bewilder me these days.

Nevertheless, testify Jordan did—he testified for JESUS!  Here’s that, captured on tape.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

I Am Posting A Clip From “The View” Because Ken Cuccinelli

I have been in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and, I am not entirely averse to admitting, reasonably certain I have broken a few of their retrograde antisex laws while I was there. Actually, I think I was probably there with the explicit intention of probably getting around to doing some of the things their legislators in times of yore believed were, ahem, “icky”. 

I have to admit to complete and total mystification regarding a candidate for governor who persists in being, you know. That guy. But I have a larger point to make, other than admitting to being at least kind of sort of the exact people Cooch is interested in legally persuing for, I guess, having some kind of fun in Virginia not explicitly associated with, like, a water park or maybe Colonial Williamsburg. Did you hear about this thing regarding the current governor, Bob McDonnell, who was kind of warned against as being a total retrograde antisex theocrat who sort of kind of turned out to be also a grifter? Well, some of that grifterism allegation is looking to backwash on Cuccinelli.

Huh. Taking gifts as a government official? That blows. Probably should be, like, illegal or something, right? I guess ethics is what you make of it. Or at least, if you’re Ken Cuccinelli, you legislate bedroom morality, but in the taxpayer-funded office? Anything goes!

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Friday, July 12, 2013

My New Hero, Kathleen Kane aka Destroyer of Democracy


This story hits very close to home for me so please excuse any thoroughly subjective hyper-emotional theatrics that might bleed into my narrative.  I promise not to do it often.

Here’s the thing:  I have been watching certain recent legislative events unfold in my home state, Pennsylvania, with a certain amount of awe.  Things don’t ordinarily happen quickly in Pennsylvania so my hangover from last month’s DOMA Doom party had barely cleared before I realized—Hey! maybe this means that Pennsylvania’s own state law banning gay marriage is equally unconstitutional.

Lo and behold, the same thought occurred, simultaneously to the ACLU, 23 citizens of the Keystone State and Pennsylvania’s Attorney General, Kathleen Kane.

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Monday, July 01, 2013

Rachel Maddow’s T-dance with the Devil


If you’re gay, like me, or are related to/work with/care about or know someone who is gay, like most of us, this has been a particularly wonderful week.  And it was just lagniappe, as they say in The Big Easy, to sip a Sunday morning cup of joe while watching Kindly Doc Maddow shoot conservative fish in a barrel.

David Gregory hosted Maddow, along with Jim DeMint and Ralph Reed on Meet the Press to discuss fine points of conservative social policy in the wake of SCOTUS’ “extremist” decisions on marriage equality as well as the abortion bill train wreck in the Texas Senate, last week.

Conservatives showed up lumbered with their grab-bag of outdated, debunked polls and “scientific studies” designed to prove that their zombie social policies still walk among us and have some sort of relevance to some sort of American people.

The fellows in the suits settled in for an hour of pedantic bloviation about the impending Fall of Western Civilization should teh gayz be permitted to destroy traditional marriage and the lives of their children.  And to trot out their new abortion meme about how closing abortion clinics and mandating pre-abortion trans-vaginal ultrasounds for all are just their way of saying “we care about the safety of women and babies.”

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Free To Be . . .


Equality feels AWESOME!

Oh . . . and if that idea really pisses you off?


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Monday, June 24, 2013

Freedom Federation Declares Independence From US Constitution


Well this should be interesting . . . while most of us are hoping for word that the US Supreme Court will uphold the Fourteenth Amendment and clear the way for gays to marry and enjoy the same legal benefits that currently accrue to heterosexual marriages, others are busily beating their plowshares into swords, girding their loins and making like a mighty army marching as to war.

Anticipating a Supreme Court decision on two gay marriage cases that could seriously rock the Casbah, a unit of Christian Soldiers, who have ironically dubbed themselves the Freedom Federation are threatening to stamp their feet, hold their breath and be otherwise really pissed off if SCOTUS finds in favor of marriage equality.

Freedom Federation turns out to be a rag-tag coalition of the usual suspects, anti-gay activists, designated hate groups, NOM [of course], Bill Donohue, leader of the one-man Catholic League, Ralph Reed, etc.

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Party of Family Values: Father’s Day Edition



If you thought Tanner Flake was one seriously bigoted kid, wait’ll you get a load of Joey Heck’s twitterings . . .

Apparently, some of the “values” of the Party of Family Values need a little re-tooling.  How else to interpret the fact that, in one week, two separate spawn of the GOP—Tanner Flake (aka N1ggerKiller), son of Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) and Joey Heck, son of Rep. Joe Heck (R-NV)—are outed as social-media-opaths?  Two All-American white, Christian paragons (ok, ok one’s Mormon), sons of All-American white, Christian paragon fathers, spend their leisure time just frothing, fuming and twittering hate at anyone who isn’t an All-American white, Christian paragon i.e., faggots, niggas, women, Jews, Obama, Messicans, Obama, Indians, Obama, Muslims, etc. [in their words].  These kids, if nothing else, are equal opportunity bigots, they pretty much hate every one who isn’t a white male.

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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Whatever Happened To The Noble Art Of Heckling

The Glutteratti

Own your heckling, Powerhecklers of America! What, are you too noble to enunciate your vowels? Is it more authentic to make people look at you with amazement as they wonder, “What is that nutcase talking about?”

While Medea Benjamin insisted that she’s no mere heckler, she’s a protester, newest delicate media flower,GetEqual’s Ellen Sturtz, was “taken aback” when she shouted at Michelle Obama, only to have the First Lady get off the podium and right into her face. “One of the things I don’t do well is this, understand?” said Mrs. Obama, and offered to leave while Sturtz took the mike: crowd’s choice. Astonishingly to Sturtz, the crowd chose Mrs. Obama, instead of joining Sturtz in demanding that Michelle use the Power Of Pillowtalk to persuade her husband to sign an Executive Order offering protections to gays working for military contractors, rather than achieving that goal through legislation.

Talking to the Washington Blade, Sturtz described the encounter thusly:

She cut me off immediately and leaned over podium, sort of her put her big hand towards me and said something to the effect of ‘You don’t do that to me’ or ‘I don’t do that.

Strutz also was somewhat vague on whether she had planned to talk to the First Lady’s Big Hand: GetEqual’s site includes a press release which seems to imply that the interruption was planned..

Most media outlets are omitting the fact that the crowd which had forked over a minimum of half a grand to hear Obama, was gathered at the home of “Power Couple” Dr. Nan Schaffer and Karen Dixon. (ActEqual had ponied up for Sturtz’s entry, too). So it may be presumed that Sturtz was not the only one there who’d known the pain of living a closeted life; she was just the only one shouting at Michelle Obama about it. And the only one to be surprised when the First Lady had the temerity to answer her back.

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