Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What If Matt Drudge Accidentally Told the Truth? (#4)

There was really no good reason to marry an image of the WTC collapse to a headline teasing rumors that Cordoba Center planners are considering an alternative site…except that pics like this are Forbidden Wingnut Porn, and Matt’s nursing a ten-year-old case of blue-balls.

Original splash below the fold.

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Yikes. Greta Likens Beck/Palin 8/28 Rally at Lincoln Memorial to Cordoba Center

Well, she didn’t call out Sarah, specifically, since she wants to return from her tour of the Arctic with Gov. Halfterm alive. But challenging Beck to move his 8/28 rally away from the Lincoln Memorial is still grounds for being stranded on an ice-floe:

Just because you have the right to do something does not mean you should. My view? No mosque at ground zero and Glenn should move his event.

It does not help heal the country on so many fronts if we poke a stick in eyes.

UPDATE: Apparently, the half-life of Principled Courage is shorter than a stoolie’s memory:

I see a lot of bloggers leaving comments don’t agree on this.

I like Glenn Beck, he is not only a colleague of mine but he has been on our show many times.

I was just raising a question and I know there are no easy answers.

Never mind. Greta was just, you know, fuckin’ around, and she’d like her parka and boots back, please.

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Dow Soars on News That NYC Mosque Will Stay

Stock market responds to news that overnight rumors that the Cordoba Center developers had abandoned the project were bogus.

PS: I’m not a stock-market analyst, but none of today’s mixed economic developments really account for these gains, do they?

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Monday, August 16, 2010

It’s The Ground Zero Mosque! It’s The Ground Zero Mosque!  A Stroll Around My Neighborhood, Part I

Aiieee! What’s that at Ground Zero? A MINARET? ALREADY??
the mosque at ground zero! and it's creamy and delicious!
No, no, the Mooslins haven’t moved in yet.  But now that the Tundra Torquemadam has got her polar panties in a knot over the groundless rumor of the Ground! Zero! Mosque! I thought it time to actually show the hopelessly daft Grand Inquisitrix some irrefudiable features of my ‘hood, which she and her followers are honoring by trying to turn a generous swath of lower Manhattan into Joseph McCarthy’s Tribute Morgue.
ground zero mourners pay their respects
Here we are, starting directly across from Ground Zero, praying without ceasing, as it is said that each time somebody licks all the way around a bonnet cone, an angel gets a brain-freeze.

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Posted by Mrs. Polly on 08/16/10 at 10:09 AM

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sarah Palin: The Bard of Arglebargle [Extended Dance Mix]

“Refudiate.” We caught it when she said it on Hannity. So did Wonkette. But I couldn’t figure out why she was suddenly Tweeting a defense of last week’s Norm Crosby-esque word-murder as a sparklingly witty neologism until I Googled “refudiate” and found the answer on Little Green Footballs

Apparently, Sarah didn’t just misspeak in her interview with Hannity. She was actually so confident in her use of “refudiate” that she typed it into a Tweet urging “Peaceful Muslims” to oppose the planned construction of the Cordoba House Islamic Center in Lower Manhattan: 

That Tweet was subsequently pulled and replaced with—natch—something just as fucked:

Congrats to whomever tipped off Sarah that “refudiate” was giving her critics a case of the giggles, although why she can’t bring herself to say “repudiate” remains a mystery.

Congrats, too, to Sarah for invoking the “Vinny Barbarino” defense by reminding us that Shakespeare invented the words “puke,” “unreal,” “misquote” and “torture,” without which reporting on the Snowbilly Grifter would be well-nigh impossible.

And, anyway, it says “unalienable” in the Declaration…so save your red pencils for striking those pork-barrel set-asides and economy-crippling Socialist entitlement programs from that Big Government budget you have going on out there, bitches. 

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Friday, July 09, 2010

Movement to Kill Mosquitoes at Ground Zero Gathers Momentum

I’ve visited Manhattan in the summer, and I can testify that it’s like being a one-millimeter-tall lifeform wandering through the heat-fins on a motorcycle engine. I can only imagine what sort of living hell NYC must be when killer temps are coupled with a mosquito infestation.

I haven’t watched this video, but I’m assuming it includes an online link where we can all donate money for the much-needed pond-spraying, netting and aerosol repellents that can help bring relief to our fellow ‘Roasters in and around the Apple. If you have any love for Kevin K. or Mrs. Polly in particular, this would be a great time to vote with your wallet and JUST SAY NO TO THE GROUND ZERO MOSQUITOES. 

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Whiteout 2010!

Whiteout NYC 2010
Whiteout NYC 2010

The snow’s been coming down at a steady clip for a couple of hours here in NYC, the wind’s really starting to kick in, and Biscuit, once again, just brought her special version of hell down upon us, so we’re going to run outside and play in the beautiful, beautiful snow. I know a lot of our staff and readers are in the line of today’s blizzard, so here’s an open thread to discuss what’s going on in your neck of the woods. 

Posted by Kevin K. on 02/10/10 at 02:53 PM

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Start peeing your paaaaaants

I finally figured out why New Yorkers are so reliably liberal. It’s not because of their education level, their cultural sophistication, or the fact that they’re constantly rubbing elbows with people from every country, creed, and background. It’s simply because, in this day and age, you have to be a grade-A chickenshit megapussy to be a conservative.* And that option simply isn’t open to New Yorkers; you either toughen up quick or run home to mommy in Tom’s River (or you could try Hoboken, though putting up with all the double-wide strollers and guys pushing 30 who still wear their letter-sweaters requires its own kind of resilience).

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

High Five NYC

This could have used a little more editing, but parts of it brought me great joy.  I love my city. [via YesButNoButYes]

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

NYC’s FOX 5 News Anchor Ernie Anastos: “Keep Fucking That Chicken”

The best part, as Roy Edroso notes, may be co-anchor Dari Alexander’s eye-popping reaction:

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Short Documentary: “Store Front New York”

Cool little doc about James & Karla Murray, a married couple who take photographs of New York City store fronts, made by the folks at Munrovia.  Enjoy.

MORE: You can pick up the Murray’s book Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York here if you’re interested.

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Posted by Kevin K. on 07/30/09 at 08:15 AM

Friday, July 17, 2009

Break Out in Song’s performance of “If My Friends Could See Me Now” at NYC’s Time Warner Center

The Break Out in Song troupe performed “If My Friends Could See Me Now” for some surprised shoppers at Manhattan’s Time Warner Center yesterday. Via Runnin’ Scared’s Roy Edroso, who didn’t enjoy it as much as I did.  Hey, it’s no Hammer Pants, but it made me happy to be human and that’s good enough.

Different perspectives here and here.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gay Pride Bashing in NYC

This is truly upsetting:

Our colleague Michael Feingold told us some very bad news today: a former Voice sales rep, Joe Holladay, in town on business, was jumped and beaten Saturday morning by a group of men who called him a faggot.

Holladay tells us that he walked out of John Jerome’s apartment on East 85th Street between York and East End Avenues, where he’d been staying, at about 4 a.m. to smoke a cigarette on the sidewalk, and five or six young men swarmed him. [...]

Jerome, an acting coach, heard the fracas and came downstairs to find his friend “in a pool of blood. I thought he was dead. He wasn’t moving.” [...]

Holladay says his doctor told him his injuries suggest he was hit with a blunt object. “The mark on my forehead looks like it was made by the base of a gun,” he says.

If you check out the post you can see a picture of Holladay after the attack. Pretty brutal. And sad.  We still have a long way to go. Even in New York City.

Posted by Kevin K. on 06/28/09 at 08:24 PM

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ten Reel Drivel

Not only is this a bad idea because it’s impossible to scrape together ten Oscar-worthy films in any given year, but why would you do this when you’ve got an awards show that’s renowned for running painfully long?  I’m with the wingnuts now.  Fuck Hollywood!

p.s. If you’re a NYer (or maybe even if you’re not), you should definitely bookmark and/or blogroll The Village Voice‘s Runnin’ Scared. Roy Edroso of alicublog is doing a bang up job running it and it’s become a daily read for me.

Posted by Kevin K. on 06/25/09 at 01:57 PM

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

1000+ (emphasis on the plus)

I know it’s NYC, but this last-minute protest/march following the Prop 8 ruling in California is pretty awe-inspiring. Make sure you watch the video.

UPDATE: According to Allan in comments, it wasn’t exactly last-minute.  Local news portrayed it that way.  My bad. Still damn impressive, though.

Posted by Kevin K. on 05/27/09 at 09:25 AM

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