Friday, May 04, 2012

GOP’s Bizarro World Reenactment of 2008 Democratic Primaries Continues


It’s becoming more apparent that the GOP’s drive to relive the 2008 Democratic primaries that we’ve noted before continues apace.

A popular rival candidate with wildly enthusiastic followers that bandy accusations of primary voting chicanery by the party Establishment to favor the Anointed One?

Use Santorum & Gingrich supporters to expose the vote fraud & destroy the establishment! “Operation: Vote Fraud”

We have to spread the word of this vote fraud. It’s the best way to destroy Mitt & his candidacy & destroy the GOP establishment. The best way to accomplish this is to get all the “good ‘ol GOP” people pissed off & fighting the same fight. Yes, Ron Paul is the one who has been effected the most by vote theft…but, Santorum & Gingrich have also had votes stolen from them as proven by the charts. I posted this on Glenn Beck’s FB page…

“Santorum’s votes are being STOLEN!


Complaints that the candidate isn’t being properly envettened?

Beckel: Obama Had No Qualifications To Be President—We Can’t Make That Mistake Again With Romney


Clamoring from the base for an electoral defeat to purify the Party Brand™ and start over?

5 Reasons Why Conservatives Should Root For a Romney Defeat

A visionless, rudderless, gaffe-prone presidency is the last thing that Republicans need right now. Having to defend Romney’s slips—he’s insulted 7-Eleven cookies, said he enjoys firing people, and announced he is not concerned about the very poor, and that’s just this year—will further contort the party’s soul. Four years of Romneyisms, all of which smack of elitism, will cement the image of the GOP as the out-of-touch party of the rich.

Better that the GOP remain in the political wilderness for another four years (and, hopefully, find itself) than have a Romney presidency prolong its intellectual and moral confusion.


Evidence of palling around with terrorists?

Through guilt by association in the past?

Photo Exclusive: When George Romney Met Saul Alinsky


And ongoing?

Romney Tied to Terrorism

Check. Er ... and ...

Ted Nugent Stumps for Mitt Romney at NRA Convention: “Chop their heads off in November” .

... check ...

What Conservative Blogger People Totally Sold Out To Mitt Romney Yesterday?

... and check.

Religious skeletons in the closet?

Is Romney’s Religion Dangerous for America? One Ex-Mormon Offers His Views


Complaints about rivals focusing on the candidate’s minority status?

Romney defends his success after Obama’s ‘silver spoon’ remark


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Thursday, March 15, 2012

The War on (Cardboard) Women


As a woman, I’ve found the GOP’s eagerness to piss us off with all-male sperm-death panels, state-rape ultrasound-wand legislation, FCC-sponsored slut-shaming, etc., kind of puzzling. Not because the modern GOP has ever given a damn about women, but because it seems dumb for a party to go out of its way to alienate more than half of US voters in an election year.

But a post yesterday by Perfesser Heh Indeedy may reveal the real reason behind this disconnect: Conservatives still can’t tell an actual woman from a cardboard cutout:

WAR AGAINST WOMEN: Woman Raped At Occupy New Haven. #Occupyfail.

UPDATE: I suppose that this should come as no surprise considering the signals that have come from the very top of the Democratic establishment:

At the exact moment Jon Favreau is receiving high praise in pre-inaugural media puff pieces, the 27-year-old chief speechwriter for President-elect Barack Obama (not Jon Favreau, the Hollywood actor/ director) finds himself in a minor mess over a photo from a recent private party showing him groping the breast of a cardboard cutout of Hillary Rodham Clinton as an unnamed pal wearing an “Obama staff” T-shirt kisses and feeds her beer.
If you haven’t seen it, imagine the early stages of the barroom rape scene of “The Accused” with Jodie Foster. Or think prosecutor Mike Nifong’s graphic (though false) descriptions of the Duke lacrosse party. Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson danced to a similar tune at the 2004 Super Bowl. Fraternities have been closed for less.

Here’s the pic, in case you’ve forgotten. No word on whether Favreau was involved in helping accuse Republicans of running a “war against women.”

For my money, one of the best troll smack-downs in the history of the internet occurred right here on Balloon Juice when the Favreau controversy first erupted. I don’t think I can improve on the words our host used then to squash a nincompoop who was confused about the difference between an actual woman and a cardboard cutout, a brainless frat-boy prank and a hideous crime. So I will paraphrase Mr. Cole to address another nincompoop: Do you want to know what is like rape, Perfesser Heh Indeedy? Rape, you stupid fuck.

I’ll only add that every rape is a tragedy, and the wingnut obsession with any sexual assault that occurs in the same ZIP code as an Occupy encampment is creepy. But while Perfesser Heh Indeedy’s willingness to make political hay out of that particular woman’s personal tragedy is breathtakingly craven, it may shed light on a root cause of the gender gap in US politics. Therefore, it cannot be said that the Perfesser is altogether useless as a teacher.

[H/T: Alicublog; x-posted at Balloon Juice]

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Not your sweetie?

Romney attack-surrogate Chris Christie thrilled his legions of wingnut fans yesterday by sneering the following at a female heckler: “Somethin’s goin’ down tonight, but it ain’t gonna be jobs, Sweetheart!”

Wingnuts love Christie’s Jersey bully-boy antics, and no doubt they relish the stark contrast between his Tony Soprano manner and the gee-whiz, milquetoast demeanor of their unsatisfactory front-runner. But some on the left criticized Christie’s choice of words, suggesting that he was telling the heckler to dig through the folds of flesh below his belt to extract and service Lil’ Smokie, or whatever Mrs. Christie calls it.

Opinions are somewhat divided.

But wouldn’t you think a wannabe “political analyst” like Taylor Marsh—a woman who spent much of 2008 screeching about then-candidate Barack Obama’s sexism because he used the word “periodically” in a sentence that also contained the words “Hillary Clinton,” waxing hysterical about the sexism inherent in the now-president’s brushing-off gesture and avidly promoting the lies that Mr. Obama used “99 Problems but a Bitch Ain’t One” as a campaign theme song and flipped off Mrs. Clinton—wouldn’t she object to Mr. Christie’s handling of the female heckler? Nope:

I’m just not seeing the offense. An “offensive oral sex joke”?

This type of judgment about Christie not having any class is what makes Democrats look snooty. It’s about style, actually, with a side of political correctness from those judging him.

Imagine for a moment the ear-splitting snit if President Obama had said something even remotely comparable—ever. I guess it’s only okay if said by a white dude. Jeebus, what a hypocrite.

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Friday, December 30, 2011

Crackpottery Barn


The good folks at Balloon Juice have been righteously mocking Andrew Sullivan and other professional contrarians who rashly jumped on the Ron Paul bandwagon when the old kook’s campaign suddenly gained a pulse in Iowa. Sully walked back his endorsement after being hammered for issuing it to a candidate with such a troubling history of publishing racist, homophobic rants. But he’s still lamely attempting a post-hoc justification by citing random un-offended black folk and posting inane Paul supporter comments such as this one linked by Mr. Cole:

“I voted for Obama in 2008 but we need a change. Dr Paul is consistent and honest, which is very hard to find. He is not just telling us what we have heard before,” - Samantha Dunn, a 28-year-old teacher in Iowa, to the Daily Telegraph.

This is the kind of shit that makes me want to snort Wild Turkey with a Neti pot. It’s not just the sheer tonnage of stupid packed into those three sentences; it’s the horrific realization that these are the people who will decide the 2012 election.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I am PUNY, hear me ROAR!!!!


As LTMidnight pointed out in the comments to gil’s post down yonder, PUMA’s BAAAACK. Or something very like it. Because it worked out so well last time. HuffPo’s Sam Stein reports:

Huffington Post reader Andrew Rohrberger (via an Off The Bus submission) grabbed a copy of the audio of the “Run Hillary 2012” robocalls that are reportedly being made in an attempt to persuade the secretary of state to run for the White House.

The script leads one to believe we’d be living in a veritable utopia if only Clinton had won in 2008.

America would be better off today if Hillary Clinton was our president. The Wall Street robber barons would be jailed, young people could afford college and find jobs and six million homeowners wouldn’t face foreclosure. We need to change our course. Please sign our petition to draft Hillary Clinton for president.

Clinton’s not running, of course. And it’s remarkable to see that people are still holding out hope that she might change her mind. That said, the call represents an extreme version of the type of buyer’s remorse that Obama faces in the months ahead.

Sure, Sam, some disgruntled and highly gullible self-proclaimed lefties are ripe for the ratfucking picking. From the Left:

I can’t say I am surprised by any of this. President Obama’s support is tepid at best and among some demographic groups, nonexistent. If there was ever an election campaign ripe for a third party challenger, I believe 2012 is it.

If Hillary decides to jump in at the 11th hour, she will have my support and the support of my Blog.

Well, polls this far out are pretty meaningless, but about that “tepid support.” Do you mean among Democrats?

The narrative that Obama is losing the base was debunked by a new CNN poll which found that support for the renomination of the president has tied an all-time high.

The CNN poll found that overall 81% of those surveyed thought that the Democratic Party should nominate Obama again. Only 18% of respondents thought that the Democratic Party should go with a different candidate.

Or do you mean among the electorate at large?

Aided by comparison to the vastly unpopular Congress, Barack Obama has advanced to a 49 percent job approval rating in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll - his best showing since spring, and one that, if it holds, that may put his re-election prospects back within reach.

Run Hillary 2012.net was registered through a proxy service and there’s no contact info at all on the site, so whoever’s behind it evidently doesn’t want to be publicly identified. Funny that.

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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Lady Lynn Putain de Ronguers


Oh, you thought that just because co-blogger Gil Mann brilliantly exposed Lady Lynn’s cheeky attempt to employ William Butler Yeats as an “edginess” condiment in the latest revenge soufflé she’s whipped up in response to being denied an ambassadorship in a Hillary Clinton Administration, we were, like, done with that subject?

You thought just because the great TBogg weighed in, noting that Lady Lynn was “sensing revolution in the air and wary that a ride in tumbrel might make her ass look big,” there was nothing new to add?

Well, you’re right: Gil and TBogg thoroughly covered both the literary pretentiousness and ratfucking angles. But as I had already Photoshopped an illustration for a post that would have been weak sauce compared to their efforts—before pecuniary considerations compelled me to shelve the project (thus sparing me the indignity of suffering by comparison)—I will instead use this image to draw your attention to Gil and TBogg’s superior products on the topic. And to provide an open thread. You’re welcome.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

The 1% speaks


Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, poster-snob for the cognac-swirling, naval-gazing, canapé-grazing, manor-dwelling, Trans-Atlantic swells, has an Opinion on Something. I was going to excerpt it. But I just don’t have the heart at Wine Thirty. Here’s a shorter instead:

Tea Party and OWS movements should exchange saliva. Capitalism, good! Obama, bad! Clinton restoration!

Read it if you must. Or relive Lady Lynn’s moment of infamy instead.

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Friday, October 07, 2011

Dammit, Winkerbelle, How Hard Do We Have To Clap!

No, Winkerbelle, Nooooooo!!!

She’s gone, Palinistas. The first 24 hours are the hardest. But if Elizabeth Kübler-Ross had been able to observe the Paliosphere, she’d have concieved of grief not as five stages, but as a 24-frames per second cartoon:

Sarah Palin - everyone has family, that is what Secret Service is for.  You are our leader - get up and
start leading.  You do need the title.

We will just pretend you had your fingers crossed and it was opposite day!

Now is your time.  Stop messing around and save the world.

Please, I beg of you!

Carol Haka

cheers2all 7 hours ago
Has anyone listened to Tammy Bruce about this? I wonder what she thinks beyond being shocked at the decision.

Funny you should mention that, cheers2all:

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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Florida Repubs seek to overturn job-killing ban on dwarf tossing


I swear I’m not making this up.

In other news, Sarah Palin is STILL not running for president! The shell-shocked Palin Cult is trying to come to grips with this unthinkable development. I haven’t heard such wailing and gnashing of teeth since Hillary Clinton conceded the Democratic primary in 2008, in many cases from the very same people. What can one say besides this? And this?

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Does not compute


Is NYT columnist Maureen Dowd a real person? As far as I know, she is. But sometimes I suspect the real Ms. Dowd is lounging at a tiki bar in St. Thomas while a dusty old program rearranges the copy, inserts new names and buzzwords and cranks out the same tired old column she originally wrote in 1993.

In the Platonic Ideal of a Dowd column, Democratic men lactate, Democratic women possess testicles and conservatives or nominally Democratic conservative archetypes get to embody their actual genders and be regarded as tough hombres regardless of their activities away from the klieg lights. Actual events the column purports to analyze may occasionally require role switches to make some inane point, but all elements are accounted for in some configuration. Today’s column on the Ron Suskind book that alleges sexism in the White House is no exception:

It’s passing strange that a man who was raised by a strong single mother, who talks affectionately about the influence of the banker grandmother who helped raise him, who married a strong woman, who lives with his mother-in-law and who has two daughters he adores, could ever create an Oval man-cave where some women felt uncomfortable.

Or maybe after all that petting and pecking by women, he just wanted to macho it up at the office, bonding by talking sports, playing sports and watching SportsCenter. This president in particular, though, has to be careful to make sure he includes the feminine perspective, even if it’s from men who have a full complement of it, like Joe Biden and David Axelrod.

Biden and Axelrod are girls. Girly Obama must get his macho on. Only men watch SportsCenter. Given the binary nature of the Dowdian worldview, it’s fairly easy to replace her with a program.

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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Amy Siskind’s defective magnifying glass


Amy Siskind’s PUMA front organization, The New Agenda, styles itself as a nonpartisan women’s group that is dedicated to calling out sexism wherever it’s found. But Siskind got so caught up in lady-fapping over Palin’s lame-ass speech yesterday that she kinda forgot she’s always supposed to be “searching for sexism.”

Today, Siskind approvingly linked a Mooney Times column by unfunny wingnut troglodyte Eric Golub—the dude from yesterday’s rally in Iowa who made the tasteless joke about Trig Palin. Golub repeats the “joke,” which slams Democratic women—including Hillary Clinton—in the column Siskind links:

[T]he left should worship Sarah Palin and adopt her as one of their own, because the leftist haters are an entire political ideology of special needs children.

...and unlike Trig, they aren’t very lovable…

Every word out of their mouths is ‘gimme, gimme, I need, I need, I want, I deserve, I’m entitled’...no you don’t.

When you’re four years old it’s mildly adorable. When you’re 64 like Barbara Boxer, Hillary Clinton, or the Pelosiraptor, it is intolerable.”

Siskind’s organization has been anti-Obama and anyone who supports him from its inception. Still, it’s a bit surprising that Siskind would overlook a slam on her former idol Hillary Clinton.

Remember, this is the same Siskind who concluded that President Obama is a sexist monster because he once used the word “periodically.” If a Democrat had directed remarks like the above toward Palin or Bachmann, Siskind would be in an ear-splitting snit all over Fox News. But since Golub shares Siskind’s creepy, worshipful attitude toward Palin, it’s all good.

What’s the word for that? Oh yeah: T-O-O-L.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Amy Siskind: Liberalism’s Ex-Girlfriend

You broke her heart, and now she hates you. She keyed your Audi and fried your vinyl album collection in Crisco. She got elected to your Borough Zoning Council just so she could tear down your privacy fence and have your driveway designated a “toll road.” She sent a confidential letter to your company’s HR department requesting clarification on corporate policy regarding homosexuality, gambling addictions and employee theft, and signed your name to it. Now she’s on Fox News shilling for a candidate who’ll burn you both, only Amy will be laughing as the flames consume her on a pile of your favorite Italian pullovers.

Then you’ll be sorry. And you’ll wish you’d been nicer, you selfish bastard.

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Saturday, August 20, 2011



Why would Salon find the political opinions of bitter PUMA loser Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild relevant? Well, she can write a big fat check, and…that’s pretty much the beginning and end of her political influence.

Lady Lynn, a jet-setting Hillary Clinton 2008 campaign bundler who ostentatiously threw her support to the McCain-Palin ticket when the peasants in the Democratic Party failed to choose her preferred nominee, once made a laughingstock of herself by issuing forth from Ascott House to call son-of-a-single-mom Barack Obama an “elitist.”

Now she provides wildly incoherent and contradictory reasons for supporting Republican Jon Huntsman against the president in 2012, including that President Obama failed to enact single-payer healthcare and is simultaneously hostile to business and the benefactor of the insurance industry. Her ultimate conclusion:

The man is lost. The man is a loser. The man is not listening to people who might help him. [Like Lady Lynn?—ed.]

There are legitimate grounds on which to criticize the president. But Lady Lynn, who backed two candidates who came up short against Mr. Obama and is currently backing a man who has approximately zero chance of winning his party’s nomination, should definitely avoid calling anyone else a “loser.”

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry (Part 2)


As they did during another crisis incident faced by the Obama administration (the BP spill), media types and emogressives are urging the president to get riled up over the shitty economy. Obama is too damn squishy and effete, they complain. So professorial. He lacks “fire in the belly.”

Perhaps they’re forgetting another reality as this beleaguered president tries to manage and mitigate America’s ongoing nervous breakdown: Where they see a too-cool customer who needs to get fired up and start swinging at the opposition, the other half of this bipolar nation sees a scary black man who wants to get whitey.

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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Teeny Tiny Protester Tweets The Revolution

Peter Daou is soooooooo disappointed in today’s Twitter Town Hall:

peterdaou Peter Daou
Why do all political ‘innovations’ using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc always turn into some version of a carefully vetted old-school Q&A?

If only President Obama had just waded into the unfiltered Twitterstream, instead of answering hostile spam from Speaker Boehner.

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