Thursday, July 26, 2012


StrangeAppar8us back in the days of R/L facial symmetry

(Update on the condition of our blog confrere StrangeAppar8us)

StrangeAppar8us died on November 3rd. Well, actually, since he’s sitting here right now, I guess I’d have to say that either he didn’t die very much, or that he never died at all.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Guns don’t kill people. DEMONS kill people.

Over at K-Lo’s laughing academy:


Open thread. Because…damn.

PS: Did you know StrangeAppar8us is coming back tomorrow?

Posted by Betty Cracker on 07/25/12 at 09:14 AM

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Return of StrangeAppar8us!

Tune into on Thursday July 26th for the triumphant return of StrangeAppar8us. He recently dictated a post to Mrs. Polly during one of her many visits to Pittsburgh to take care of our pal and we’re very excited to give you a heads up about it. Please spread the word and come on by this Thursday at approximately 10:30 AM ET. People will be thanked, secrets will be revealed, you will laugh and cry, and Mrs. Polly will be reading all of your comments to Strange as they come in. See you then.—Your Semi-Retired Blog Founder

Posted by Kevin K. on 07/23/12 at 01:06 PM

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Strange Reissue! Guest Post:  Why I’m Seeking the Endorsement of the New Progressive Alliance

Rumproast is lucky to have a considerable backlog of the wild wit of StrangeAppar8us, so watch this space for Strange reposts. This piece is from May 2011 (original, with comments, here), and ought to do for the New Progressive Alliance what Thomas Nast did for Boss Tweed..

by Larry “Buzz” Dymaxion

Destiny is a funny thing. Even though it’s written in advance, Googling it gets you nowhere and its still unavailable on Kindle, much like my own unpublished novel, Robot Dragon-Racers of Floon. Yet, when it’s time to rise up out of your Aeron chair and primary a sitting President whose criminal inversion of Liberal principles makes you want to gnaw the hair off your own ass, somehow you just know.

And, today, what I “just know” is that answering the NPA’s cattle-call for a steely, uncompromising human sacrifice to challenge Mr. Obama’s otherwise-unobstructed crypto-Wilsonian March of Malfeasance is the right thing to do.

Of course, “knowing” isn’t enough. I have “reasons,” as well. Because, if you can’t cite authoritative justifications for your opinions, you shouldn’t be on Twitter:

1. I saw your ad on Craigslist, which always has great deals and happens to be the same place I totally pillaged this still-in-the-box Aeron chair from a Social Media startup bankruptcy sale.

2. I’m over 35, but mostly in the face, where it helps.

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Posted by Mrs. Polly on 12/24/11 at 12:59 PM

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