Monday, July 14, 2014

Sen. Rubio’s Ready To Be President, Bless His Heart!


Sen. Marco Rubio has been clamoring for our attention, lately, so I’ve decided to give him some.  That shouldn’t take long because the man has only been a senator for two less-than-illustrious years.  Prior to that he served in the Florida House of Representatives for eight years, including two as Speaker, but he’d probably just as soon we don’t delve too deeply into that period and the events that very likely rendered him unsuitable for the Romney veep job in 2012.

Nevertheless, TIME magazine went ahead and anointed him The Republican Savior in early 2013, not so much for his leadership skills or actual achievements.  Apparently, it was just because they liked the “cut of his jib” i.e., telegenic, young, Christian Latino.  Rubio had a bit of a rough year after that, though, when he allowed his heart to rule his GOP lizard brain, and figured out a way to give 12 million immigrants false hope of a bipartisan nature.  The House of Representatives cured him of that fever dream.

Young Rubio has recently resurfaced, though, and evidently still believes the Republican Savior hype.  As a result he has declared that he’s ready for the Oval Office and is confident he’d eat Hillary Clinton’s lunch . . . if she runs. If he runs . . .

And, in the process, Rubio proves Josh Karp‘s point that:

No one looks less presidential than the guy trying to look presidential.

Karp, is communications director for the Florida Democratic Party.

Al Cardenas, chairman of the American Conservative Union and a former chairman of the Florida Republican Party, said

. . . it is unfair to judge Mr. Rubio’s every move through the prism of presidential politics. Instead of being seen as an effective senator, Mr. Cardenas said, Mr. Rubio is often gauged as whether he can be the “savior of the Republican Party,” as Time magazine dubbed him last year.

It’s not been his performance that we’ve been judging; it’s the impossible set of expectations that were thrust upon him.

So, I guess it’s only fair to take a look at Sen. Rubio’s half-time record in the Senate . . .

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Posted by Bette Noir on 07/14/14 at 03:04 PM


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